Wooden hedge facade envelops villa on Stockholm seafront

‘Fenced maximalism’ is written on a coastal area of ​​Sweden

Swedish architecture firm Byggfenomen takes on a home-villa program clogged in a fence-like building facade is located in a coastal area of Stockholm. Standing on the eastern waterfront of the capital, the residence is surrounded by weathered pine trees that divide the landscape plane into vertical stripes, while the low and rough ground cover gradually transforms into bare bedrock towards the waterline, a typical disposition of coastal topography. Emerging from the dense vegetation, the wooden The cladding that encloses the structure expands vertically, blending with the forest and leaving certain exterior surfaces uncovered. The openings form glass frames overlooking the landscape. Deviating from conventional villa-like structures that distribute the program on the site, “Fences Maximalism” gathers all functions within the defined plan, namely lawn, flower bed, pond, gravel, breakfast terrace, evening terrace, winter garden, social room, guest room, bedroom, bathroom, wine cellar , Kitchen.

all pictures by Henrik Nielsen

The layout extends over ten levels treated with specific materiality

To avoid the elimination of trees and plantations on the site, the property condenses all interior and exterior functions within a strictly defined plan that forms a fence structure clad in wood throughout the exterior. The double-skin facade blends into the surrounding nature, allowing open views from designated spots where the hedge gives way and through the vertical slits of the protective formation. The project of Stockholm based Studio Byggfenomen distributes ten levels laying out each zone on the plan treated with specific materiality.

The levels overlap and connect in a spiraling circulation, and the intersections are accented in different ways to allow for sensory negotiations between environments. The different layers of construction provide practical spaces and features such as the ‘Bacchus’ temple which forms a collapsible frame that is stored beneath the building and naturally cools the wine before it is lifted into the common dining area. Another sufficient element is the rainwater collector, which keeps the water on one floor and directs it into the pond below as a natural shower.

Wooden hedge facade envelops villa on Stockholm seafront
The wood paneling that encloses the structure expands vertically, merging with the forest

Wooden hedge facade envelops villa on Stockholm seafront
the double-walled facade allows light to penetrate through the vertical slits of the protective formation

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