Winners and grades on March 5th

AEW Revolution promoted a main event by MJF against Bryan Danielson for the AEW World Championship in an hour-long Iron Man match. Although AEW attempted to create a fake controversy over whether or not MJF could last an hour, he did just that in a fantastic and bloody main event where he retained the AEW World Championship. A total of five AEW Championships were at stake.

Wardlow challenged Samoa Joe for the AEW TNT Championship; The Acclaimed attempted to reclaim the AEW Tag Team
Fatal 4-Way Action Championships; Jamie Hayter, Ruby Soho and Saraya fought for the AEW Women’s World Championship and The House of Black challenged The Elite for the AEW World Trios Championships.

AEW Dynamite’s go-home broadcast ahead of AEW Revolution only garnered 833,000 viewers this week.

Results of the AEW Revolution on March 5, 2023

  • Defeated Ricky Starks. Chris Jericho
  • Jungle Boy defeated Jack Perry. Christian Kaege | Last Funeral Game
  • The House of Blacks def. The Elite | AEW World Trios Title
  • Jamie Hayter defeated. Ruby Soho and Saraya | AEW Women’s World Championship title
  • Executioner Adam Page def. Jon Moxley | Texas Deathmatch
  • Wardlow defeated. Samoa Joe | AEW TNT Title
  • The Gunns win the Fatal 4-Way tag team title
  • MJF def. Bryan Danielson | Iron Man Match for the AEW World Title

  • AEW Revolution Venue: Chase Center (San Francisco, California)
  • AEW Revolution tickets distributed: 8,333
  • Available AEW Revolution tickets: 1,869

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AEW Revolution 2023 winners and grades

Defeated Ricky Starks. Chris Jericho

This felt a lot like yet another Ricky Starks coming out party, which should only be taken for granted at this point since Starks has arrived.

Despite being a main eventer, Chris Jericho has carved a niche for himself at AEW as one of the best wrestlers in the opening match.

Despite outside interference, Starks fended off his opps and defeated Chris Jericho cleanly. He should be on the AEW wrestlers’ shortlist to dethrone MJF.

Chris Jericho vs. Ricky Stark’s Grade: A

Jungle Boy def. Christian Kaege

Jungle Boy wore jeans and his jungle boots. Always with the greasy heel, Christian wore a turtleneck tank top to a street fight.

This was another match where Christian touched jaws with Jungle Boy Jack Perry’s family.

The burial match included both a coffin and a coffin And a burial place. Are there two steps to winning this match?

Despite its over-the-top premise, this was a very good game and the audience helped a lot. Jungle Boy eventually won by stuffing Cage in a coffin, which promptly fell into a grave.

Jungle Boy vs. Christian Cage Grade: A-

house of blacks def. The elite

This match literally wasted no time and received “This is great” chants.

Excalibur brought up the similarities between Kenny Omega and Buddy Mathews, dating back to when Mathews stole Omega’s moves as Buddy Murphy.

That the run of the Elite Trios Championship being called off tells me that Hangman Adam Page’s reunion can’t be that far away.

House of Black vs. The Elite Grade: A-

Jamie Hayter defeated. Saraya and Ruby Soho

It was wild to see Britt Baker play the part of the rebel in a Jamie Hayter pay-per-view match.

Due to chanting in the building, fans were mainly divided between Jamie Hayter and Ruby Soho.

At a very good point, Britt Baker and Toni Storm took turns distracting the referee, almost leading to Soho winning the Destination Unknown.

Jamie Hayter defended the AEW Women’s World Championship with a rollup over Ruby Soho. In the post-match brawl, Soho threw Saraya and Storm over the top rope and appeared to coordinate with Hayter and Baker. She then attacked Baker and Hayter and allied with Paige and Toni on Team WWE.

Hayter vs. Saraya and Soho Grade: B-

Executioner Adam Page def. Jon Moxley

Hangman Adam Page went to The Outlaws’ Ghostriders in the Sky. As a sign of the future, the lighting was red.

The match started with fans supporting Hangman Adam Page after Hangman started the action by lunging at Moxley.

It was less than two minutes before Jon Moxley started bleeding. One of the first things he did after bleeding was to insert a fork and make Executioner Adam Page bleed right back.

Executioner Adam Page walked face first into a barbed wire covered chair that was standing in the corner.

Executioner Adam Page took forever to set up a spot where he wrapped himself in barbed wire and performed an Orihara moon somersault. The wait was worth it.

AEW interrupted what appeared to be the only woman left watching, and she looked horrified.

The ingredients of this match included chairs, barbed wire, a chair covered with barbed wire, a barbed wire board, chains and bricks.

Poor Hangman shot over the table, but it inadvertently told an even better story of Moxley giving Hangman a concussion and walking headfirst through a barbed wire plank.

Interestingly, Moxley hangman Adam Page hit a brick with a curb pounder. This led to smoldering chants of Rollins’ theme music throughout the crowd.

The end of that match came when Hangman Adam Page forced Jon Moxley to knock out a chain link lynch in a Texas Death Match. Unbelievable.

Jon Moxley vs Hangman Adam Page Note: A-

Wardlow defeated. Samoa Joe

Wardlow didn’t get the superstar reactions he got in 2022. Though the crowd was weary from the match previously, Wardlow has been since he had his legs cut off during MJF drama Double or Nothing.

Wardlow vs. Samoa Joe were victims of the heated deathmatch in front of them. The crowd was very quiet except for a screaming woman.

Will Hobbs received the biggest bang of this match. However, when he was shown on camera, he looked just as bored from this match with the rest of the Chase Center.

The second half of that game was saved as both Joe and Wardlow worked hard and the crowd slowly closed in.

Wardlow won with a rear naked choke submission while yelling “Die!” The fans seemed more shocked than anything.

The announcement team continued with Will Hobbs stating that Warldow’s TNT title reign may be one of the shortest reigns of all time.

Wardlow vs. Samoa Joe Grade: B-

The Gunn Club defeated. The praised oneTriple J, Orange Cassidy and Danhausen

The Gunn Club continued their ’90s cosplay theme by walking out with similar entrance gear to Shawn Michaels.

Danhausen and Orange Cassidy were just as entertaining in the ring as they were on paper.

One of many highlights during this game was when the fans broke into a chant of “San Fran Scissor.”

The fans erupted for a duel between Danhausen and Satnam Singh as if it were Hulk Hogan versus Andre the Giant. They then slammed even louder for a fame asser on Singh where Billy Gunn was essentially sitting on Singh’s head.

Aubrey Edwards was unusually booed after stopping Max Caster from hitting Jeff Jarrett with a guitar.

The match ended immediately after Austin Gunn was cursed, but the Gunns still won. It completely buried the curse.

AEW Tag Title Fatal 4-Way Note: B

MJF def. Bryan Danielson

MJF received a grand performance where a violin choir played its theme music. He went out in a devil mask.

There were audible boos for Bryan Danielson, which even seemed to surprise Danielson.

MJF was absolutely shredded as he revealed his physique. MJF dropped the belt as he took it off, but he immediately improvised and started barking at the crowd as they chanted “you f—ked up.”

MJF was like a heel with its slow pace and intermittent antagonizing of the crowd.

The announcers continued to analyze MJF’s motivations for being such a heel, and Taz lashed out at them for trying to be “a psychiatrist on a wrestling show.”

Bryan Danielson won the first fall with a Busaiku knee in the 25th minute of the game.

MJF gave Bryan Danielson a low blow and was disqualified for it, despite no bell ringing. MJF promptly scored back-to-back pinfall wins. A much-needed scoreboard popped up on screen afterwards.

At least 20 seconds went by for Bryce Remsburg to count to nine.

MJF let out a loud gasp after telling Danielson, “You [expletive] suck!” As MJF continued his tirade, Taz played the role of pro-wrestling psychiatrist by venting MJF’s insecurities.

MJF hit a third pinfall with a second-roped piledriver, and Danielson tied things up with an STF.

At the 12-minute mark, this became the second double-juice match of the evening. MJF bled like Flair did in the ’80s.

AEW announcers praised this wrestling match which was excellent but the problem is the storyline didn’t captivate the fans to come here. With a better story, this could have been an iconic match. Instead, I have a feeling it will just be remembered as another great thing that happens in pro wrestling every week.

MJF knocked out right after the bell rang and the match was declared a draw. Tony Schiavone then sent a message to Justin Roberts that this match will be continued under the Sudden Death Rules. MJF scored the final pinfall when Bryan Danielson tapped for the LeBell lock.

MJF vs Bryan Danielson Grade: A

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