Windows or Mac users: Get lifetime licenses for Microsoft Office, Ivacy VPN and more at 96% discount

TL;DR: You can get the Premium Limited Edition for Mac or Windows until November 30th(opens in a new tab) Bundles with Microsoft Office while on sale on Cyber ​​Monday for just $59.99.

A new computer is a great gift, but it’s also a blank slate. It might come with some basic apps, but the really useful stuff might need to be added later. If you know someone who might need a productivity boost, we have two software packages for Mac and Windows users(opens in a new tab) that could completely overhaul your setup. The Premium Limited Edition Windows and Mac bundles each come with their own lifetime license of Microsoft Office along with several awesome apps for everything from managing your privacy, your passwords, web conferencing and more.

Cyber ​​Monday is your chance to get one of these awesome app bundles at a super low price of $59.99. This 96% discount is only valid for a few days – sale ends November 30 at 11:59 PM Pacific. No voucher is required.

Windows and Mac users can get lifetime access to a range of apps that could become your daily drivers. Here are some of the highlights included in both packages.

Microsoft Office 2021

These lifetime licenses give users access to all included programs with no subscription fees or annual costs. Mac users can work with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams (basic), and OneNote. Windows users get the same set plus Publisher and Access. There’s a reason these are some of the most popular programs in the world.

Users can create documents from scratch or from a huge menu of templates in Word, organize and analyze data in Excel, present information with PowerPoint, and stay connected with teams. OneNote is a great personal organization app and Access is your own personal database. Publisher is a design program that you can use to create professional-looking printouts such as flyers and brochures.

Ivacy VPN

Protect your privacy with an award-winning VPN that lets you connect to over 3,500 servers around the world. If you want to avoid frustrations like speed throttling and region-locked content, Ivacy could be a useful tool to have on hand. Lock your browsing data behind 256-bit encryption and switch to a new server if you want to access streaming services in other countries. See what’s playing in Canada while protecting yourself from hackers, spammers and spyware on your device.

SplashID Pro

The average person has about 100 passwords to remember. That goes for everything from your streaming services to your bank account, and there’s a lot to consider. You could remember it easier by reusing passwords, but that’s not exactly secure. Or you can rely on SplashID Pro to sync your password records and help you stay more secure across your phone, tablet, desktop, and browser. Join a million users with the security of generating, storing and managing your passwords in one place.

VideoCom Pro

Get the tools to create, share, and host engaging videos without the hassle of a full video editing suite. If you work with video online, VideoCom Pro’s video analytics can help you track your viewer engagement(opens in a new tab). Capture your screen, a presentation, or a cloud recording to create and share high-quality videos that you can customize with video inserts and a call-to-action.

Save on a range of fantastic apps for Windows and Mac users

A computer is just an empty toolbox until you fill it with useful apps. If you know someone who could use a software upgrade, get them (or yourself) the Premium Limited Edition Mac(opens in a new tab) or Windows(opens in a new tab) Bundles with Microsoft Office while on sale for just $59.99 for Cyber ​​Monday through November 30th at 11:59pm Pacific.

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