What You Need to Know About Walden University

What You Need to Know About Walden University

What You Need to Know About Walden University

 Are you considering enrolling in a degree program at Walden University? If so, it’s important to understand what makes the school stand out from other universities. Founded in 1970, Walden University is committed to providing students with an education that has both academic and professional value. The following provides an overview of the school’s core values as well as its unique curriculum and teaching methods, opportunities for student involvement, career preparation services, and financial aid options.

What are the Core Values of Walden University?

At its core, Walden University is dedicated to helping students achieve their educational goals. To this end, the university emphasizes the concepts of academic integrity, excellence in learning and teaching, social responsibility and personal growth. The university also prioritizes diversity among its faculty and student body. Additionally, all members of the campus community are held accountable for upholding these core values.

How Does Walden University Differ From Other Universities?

Walden University stands apart from other universities because of its focus on real-world application as well as theoretical knowledge. This means that students receive training that will help them succeed in their careers after graduation. In addition to traditional classroom lectures and discussions, students have access to case studies and simulations that allow them to apply what they learn in class directly to their future work environment.

What Are the Benefits of Studying at Walden University?

The most significant benefit of studying at Walden University is the fact that it can provide students with the skills they need to succeed professionally upon graduation. In addition, students have access to a wide range of resources on campus such as career advisors who can help them develop their resumes and practice interviewing skills; a library full of books, journals and other resources; tutoring services; student clubs; online discussion forums; and study abroad programs. Furthermore, there are many opportunities for students to get involved on campus or in the local community through volunteer activities or internships. Finally, there are several scholarships available for qualified applicants who wish to attend Walden University but may not be able to afford tuition fees without additional financial assistance.

How Does Walden University Help Prepare Students for Their Careers After Graduation?

Walden University provides its students with a comprehensive set of career preparation services designed to help them secure jobs after graduating from college. These include resume building workshops; job fairs; mock interviews; networking events; personalized career counseling sessions; access to employer databases; internship programs; career placement assistance; mentorship programs; online courses focused on job search strategies; and even job postings exclusively for current or former students of Walden University! All these opportunities allow graduates to find jobs related to their degree program quickly upon graduation!

Are There Any Scholarships or Financial Aid Available To Students Who Attend Walden?

Yes! There are several scholarships available specifically for those attending or planning on attending Walden Univeristy which can help offset some (or all) tuition costs associated with earning your degree! Additionally, federal loans should be considered by all undergraduate students who need additional financial assistance while enrolled at this institution! Furthermore there are special grants/scholarships issued by individual departments within the univeristy such as those offered by our School Of Health Sciences Department which can assist qualified individuals even more so!Finally there’s also private loan options available which may be used if you don’t qualify for federal loans or if you need additional funding beyond what your federal loan(s) offer(s) !


Overall , it’s obvious why so many people choose Walden Univeristy when selecting where they want complete their higher education . Not only does this institution offer a quality educational experience , but they also make sure each student is prepared professionally before they graduate . They accomplish this through offering courses tailored towards specific areas within certain disciplines , excellent career prepartion services , various scholarship opprtunities , & various loan & grant options . So whether you’re looking for a quality education backed up with extensive support & resources aimed towards helping you succeed post-graduation – look no further than enrolling at Walden Univeristy today !

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