What does Snapchat ban mean?

If you’re new to Snapchat (or just a casual Snapchat user), you might not be aware of all of its features, including a specific lock-shaped icon. If you’ve ever wondered what that little lock icon means on Snapchat, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll explain what the lock is for and how it’s connected to a Snapchat feature.

What does Snapchat ban mean?

In Snapchat, this lock icon indicates that the Snapchat story you’re viewing is what’s called a private story.

What exactly is a private story?


A private story is a type of Snapchat story that allows the Snapchatter who posts it to limit that story’s visibility to only a select few friends. That means when you post a Private Story, you can choose which of your friends can see it. Also, the only user who can invite other users to or add snaps to a private story is the user who created the private story in the first place.

So if you see a lock icon on a story, it probably means you’ve been chosen by one of your Snapchat friends to view a private story they posted. And according to Snapchat’s help guide, if you post a private story, friends who aren’t selected to view won’t know about that story because they won’t be notified.

You can post a Private Story by going to your profile screen in the app and selecting +New story. Then select from the menu that opens New private history and simply follow the on-screen instructions.

More things you should know about Private Stories on Snapchat

Here are some more details you should know about Private Stories:

  • Up to 20 private stories can be created at one time.
  • Private Stories are not the same as Snapchat’s My Eyes Only feature: the My Eyes Only feature is a place for users to save Snaps and keep them private. Once set up, the My Eyes Only feature (and the Snaps you put in there) is essentially only accessible with a passcode. So if you have Snaps in your Memories section that you want only you to see, you can set My Eyes Only and then send those Snaps there.
  • If you want to view the snaps you saved in Just My Eyes, then enter the passcode you created when setting up Just My Eyes. Private Stories, on the other hand, are just Snapchat Stories restricted to being viewable only by a specific audience, an audience whose members you can choose.

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