Understanding Failing Grades at University of Phoenix

Understanding Failing Grades at University of Phoenix

Understanding Failing Grades at University of Phoenix

 If you’re considering attending University of Phoenix, it’s important to familiarize yourself with their grading system and how failing grades are handled. While understanding the nuances of a university’s grading system can seem overwhelming, it is essential for students to understand the basics so they can be successful in their studies. Let’s take a look at what constitutes a “failing grade” at University of Phoenix and the different types of admission statuses that could affect your academic journey.

Grading System at University of Phoenix

At University of Phoenix, grades are based on a 0-4 scale, with 0 being an F and 4 being an A. This means that any grade lower than 2.0 (or C) is considered failing. If a student receives a failing grade in one or more courses, they will need to retake those classes in order to graduate from the program. Students who fail two courses may be subject to academic probation or even suspension from the university depending on their overall GPA.

Admission Status

It is also important for potential students to consider their admission status at University of Phoenix before enrolling in classes. The different types of admission statuses include Graduate Provisional Status, Registered Status, Deferred Status, and Denied Status. Graduate Provisional Status is typically given when students have not completed all the required admissions materials yet; Registered Status means that all requirements have been met and students can begin attending classes; Deferred Status means that students may be accepted or denied depending on further review; and Denied Status means that applicants do not meet the minimum requirements for admission into the program. Students should make sure they understand their individual status before enrolling in courses so they know what type of support services are available to them if needed.

Graduate Provisional Status

Graduate Provisional Status is given to students who have not yet submitted all the required admissions materials. Students in this status can register for classes but they must complete any outstanding requirements before they can progress in the program.

Registered Status

Students with Registered Status are those who have met all requirements and are officially admitted into the program. They can begin taking courses and receive support from University of Phoenix’s Student Services department.

Deferred Status

Students with Deferred Status may be accepted or denied depending on further review by the Admissions team. These students should be aware that failing grades could affect their decision for acceptance or denial.

Denied Status

Students with Denied Status do not meet the minimum requirements for admission and cannot attend classes at University of Phoenix.

Disqualified for Verification (DV)

Some students may also face DV status. This means that they have failed to provide the information needed for University of Phoenix’s verification process and cannot register until all requirements are met.

Academic Probation

Students receiving failing grades may be placed on academic probation if their GPA falls below 2.0. Students on probation will need to retake any failed classes and meet with an advisor to develop an Academic Success Plan before they can continue progressing in the program. Failure to comply with the plan could result in suspension or dismissal from University of Phoenix.


University of Phoenix has a unique grading system that must be taken into account by prospective and current students alike. It is important to understand what constitutes a failing grade as well as your individual admission status before beginning courses so you can set yourself up for success during your time at University of Phoenix! With this knowledge in hand, you can ensure you get off on the right foot from day one!

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