Tyson Fury vs. Derek Chisora ​​preview: The trilogy nobody asked for

I’m all about seeing elite fighters fight as often as possible in any combat sport. They only stay at their peak for so long, so I’d love to see them perform as often as possible. Maybe Tyson Fury is thinking that by having a third contest with Derek Chisora… but is there really no one else Fury can fight? I understand it takes two sides to make a dance possible, but I would have happily waited a few more months to possibly have the likes of Anthony Joshua or Oleksandr Usyk against Fury. Instead, we’re getting a trilogy fight that nobody asked for. At least it will be free provided the viewer already has ESPN+….

Tyson Fury vs Derek Chisora, heavyweight

You’ll get the occasional critic, but most would agree that Fury cemented his status as the top heavyweight boxer in the world as he emerged from his trilogy with Deontay Wilder with no loss to his ledger. There hasn’t been anyone in recent memory with his combination of size, power, speed and technique, perhaps not in all of boxing history. You can find fighters with three out of the four who might even be superior in one of those categories. But not all four categories. Damn after being knocked down by Wilder with what appeared to be a fatal shot in their third contest, Fury got back up and proved he had heart for days.

Despite Fury proving he’s not afraid of anyone, Herz appears to be the one advantage he doesn’t have over Chisora. He is younger than Chisora. He is taller than Chisora. He’s faster than Chisora. Fury has proved impossible – at least so far. Chisora ​​has become a fan favorite due to his unwillingness to back away from his opponent, no matter who it may be.

Chisora ​​has the same number of KO wins as Fury in his career, so it’s not like he lacks the power. Chisora ​​is not lacking in technique either, nor is he a poor athlete. Anyone with Chisora’s talent has a shot at batting in any competition they enter, even against the likes of Fury. It’s not like Chisora ​​will be hot on his heels either, he’ll take the fight to Fury, especially early on.

Unfortunately, I can’t honestly pump up Chisora ​​beyond that. We’ve seen this fight before…twice. The first competition eleven years ago, when both were undefeated, was competitive. It was a clear Fury win but Chisora ​​showed well. The second fight eight years ago was one-sided, Fury completely dominating Chisora. Fury used not only his length but also his ability to fight the southpaw, making Chisora ​​nervous. Ultimately, Chisora’s corner ended the fight after ten rounds. Now, eight years later, when Fury seems to be at his best and Chisora ​​seems to be on the wane, do we get the trilogy fight?

This fight happens because Chisora ​​is a likeable guy. He is notable for his willingness to have a beer with his opponents after fighting. What Chisora ​​doesn’t have is a nice nest egg to retire to. Her last press conference was a clear indication that Fury has great respect for Chisora. Fury gives Chisora ​​an opportunity for at least one last big payday. While there’s something honorable about it, it’s also a fight no one wants to see.

Maybe we’ll get a big fuss. Perhaps this will prove to be an effective way for Fury to stay sharp while we wait for him to step into the ring with either Usyk or Joshua. I don’t want to call this competition a complete waste of time as it is incredibly disrespectful to Chisora ​​and his career. But nobody asked about it. Couldn’t we have gotten something like Fury vs Joe Joyce if we couldn’t get Usyk or Joshua? At least it would have been something new. As it stands, unless Fury comes out and doesn’t take Chisora ​​seriously, it looks like it’s going to be another punch like we saw in the second fight… just more one-sided. Fury should be able to weather Chisora’s early attack and secure a finish as the aging Chisora ​​blows his pack in a hurry. Anger at RD4’s TKO

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