Top 10 Japanese Designs Gift Guide to bring you the ultimate minimalist upgrade

It’s that time of year again when we start thinking hard about gifts we want to give. We all want to make a difference and make a lasting impression, but most of us equate that with lavish gifts that end up complicating people’s lives. Sometimes the best things in life are the simplest, and it’s a philosophy that has permeated Japanese culture and design for centuries. Perfecting the simple and turning it into a work of art is harder than you think, and these top ten designs embody Japanese minimalism that pays attention to every little detail. From kitchen knives that make you feel like a ninja to an advanced teapot that makes the perfect brew every time, this gift guide will help you discover some of the best ways to share this gift of simplicity with others, and maybe pick one or two yourself along the way.

1. All-in-One Grill

Cooking outdoors doesn’t have to be a problem when you have an all-in-one that you can use to cook all kinds of dishes. Whether you’re grilling, roasting, grilling, steaming, smoking, or just making a hearty stew, this modular grill has all the parts you need to prepare a master-cook-worthy meal with your family outdoors. There’s even a special module to heat your bottles upright – perfect for getting your mulled wine warm and toasty! Easy to use and easy to clean, this all-in-one tabletop grill frees you from the worries of prep and cleanup so you can just focus on cooking great meals instead.

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2. Rotating nail clipper

Keeping your nails trimmed shouldn’t be difficult, but the tools available don’t make it easy either. If you’ve ever muttered under your breath while trimming your own nails or someone else’s, then you know how tricky trimming some parts of those nails can be. Who would have thought that the answer would be so simple that the nail clipper turns its head at will? With this rotating nail clipper, you don’t have to strain your wrist or arm to get the perfect cut. Simply swing the blade to the desired angle and you’ll be brandishing properly trimmed nails in no time. Say goodbye to the stress of trimming and say hello to beautiful nails every time.

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3. Iron griddle

Delicious presentation definitely helps the appetite, but sometimes it just takes too long to get food from the pan to your plate. Before you know it, the food is off the heat and the flavors you want are left in the pan. So why not cut out the middleman and just eat from the pan you cooked your food in? With this simple but ingenious iron griddle, you definitely can and look good doing it. The griddle is designed to keep all the flavor where you want it, and an innovative wooden handle makes it easy to go from cooking to eating in a snap. You’ll never have to suffer from beautiful but lukewarm food again when you can enjoy your meal hot all in one with this beautiful frying pan and plate.

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4. Whiteboard notebook

There is nothing easier than writing with pen and paper, but this simplicity may not always correspond to the growing complexity of the human situation. We need more space to write, but we also need to be aware of how this is slowly but surely killing our planet. Reusable paper sounds like a pipe dream, but thanks to technology and human creativity, that’s no longer the case. As the name suggests, this whiteboard notebook brings the familiar pen-to-paper feel with the virtually infinite space of a dry-erase board. With a simple swipe or wash, you can quickly erase the marks on a page and start over. And thanks to the magnets that bind the removable pages, you don’t even have to worry about how your notes are arranged, giving you the freedom to move things around the way you want. Taking notes doesn’t get easier or easier than this!

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5. Upside Downside Cup

We all know that we need to stay hydrated to stay healthy, but few people really make it a habit to drink water, especially at work. Perhaps it’s the inconvenience of not having a drinking container nearby, or the reluctance to have a less than appealing bottle or glass on the desk. This stylish drinkware solves both problems by providing a mug within easy reach that looks beautiful whether you use it or not, although hopefully you will actually use it. This tumbler looks like a precious crystal and has a lid that doubles as a cover and as another tumbler for snacks. It can also be used to hold drinks for a guest or someone special who you could share this gift with. Simple and beautiful, the Upside-Downside Cup will breathe life into your desk and build that water habit.

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6. Crown of Stars

Whether it’s the holidays or any other day, we all need a bit of glamor to spice up our home. What better way to please the eyes than with a starry sky right on your living room wall! Against a backdrop of fir branches, these star-bearing spheres bring together heaven and earth, the mystical and the mundane in a beautiful composition that will brighten the atmosphere and set the mood for a bright and lively evening. Experience the magic of a starry night sky whenever you want with a wreath of stars on your wall.

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7. Precise sakura metal puzzle

Give your brain a rewarding challenge with this all-metal puzzle featuring one of Japan’s most famous flowers. Each piece of metal is carefully cut so they look almost exactly the same but have an exact position they must have to complete this puzzle. And when all the pieces finally fit together, the stitching magically disappears, creating a beautiful display of sakura or cherry blossom. Perfect for taking a break from work while keeping your brain active and healthy. And when everything is finished, the beautiful flower will make an exquisite decoration on your shelf or on your desk.

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8. Black kitchen knives

Understated yet ironically eye-catching, these black kitchen knives are meant to be seen even when not in use. Crafted from molybdenum vanadium steel with a titanium coating, these knives are crafted by craftsmen deeply rooted in the Japanese art of sword-making to ensure their sharp blades are not just for show. Feel like a ninja or a samurai as you slice and dice ingredients, making food prep and cooking a breeze. Experience the joy of using a finely crafted tool and the pride of owning a beautiful set of knives that you will definitely want to display in your kitchen.

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9. Smart teapot

Brewing tea can be a complex process involving different temperatures and steeping times, but thanks to technology, it doesn’t have to be complicated. This pretty cute smart teapot automatically chooses the time and temperature depending on the tea leaves you use. Even better, it can adjust these factors to suit your mood and environment, allowing longer draws when you need a little more caffeine or cutting it back when you need to relax. All you have to do is put in the tea leaves and add water and let the magic of technology do the rest. Its stylish design and unique rotating “Golden Drop” egg make it a feast for the eyes. Make every tea time more personal and memorable with this elegant yet simple teapot.

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10. Plate grater

Who says you have to get both hands dirty when you have to grate side dishes for your dishes? Shaped like a small plate intended to be placed on a table, the Plate Grater introduces a novel way to prepare wasabi, daikon radish or other side dishes with a circular motion that feels almost therapeutic. Its thin and light body makes it easy to clean and store away until needed again. Simple yet elegant, this distinctive grater offers a wonderful way to add flavor to your meals anytime without cluttering the table with menacing metal tools.

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