This smartphone app brings art galleries and interactive experiences from the metaverse to your fingertips

A Korean smartphone app called ArtzMe is designed to bridge the gap between artists and patrons and seeks to disrupt the art world by providing artists and consumers with the tools they need to create art around the world , to experience and enjoy, directly in the Metaversum !

Available for both iOS and Android, ArtzMe aims to democratize art by breaking down the entry barriers for young, aspiring artists and allowing their work to be appreciated by a larger group of people without the usual barriers to professional outreach, Gallery bureaucracy and brokerage fees. ArtzMe does this by relying on three core features that make art accessible to everyone.

Designers: GraceJo and Shazwina Zaky

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The ArtzMe app can be broken down into its three features, all of which are accessible directly from the home screen. The first feature, called Artz Filter, brings artistic filters to the real world through the power of mixed reality. Accessible directly in the app, the various filters give users the ability to overlay artistic sculptures and elements on their videos and photos, similar to the AR tools found in social media apps but with a greater artistic focus.

The second feature, codenamed Artz Frame, lets you bring art into your own space. While the filters helped blend art into regular videos, Artz Frame lets you decorate the walls of your home with art you like. The app scans your surroundings and allows you to add AR art to walls that you can review at any time. This feature helps reduce an artist’s dependence on galleries to have their work showcased and viewed by clients. Instead, customers can browse the ArtzMe app and contact the artists they love to buy their art directly. Unlike brokers, who receive large commissions (up to 50%) from artists for sales, this feature doesn’t take advantage of artists. Instead, they can freely share their work with a global audience.

The third feature is ArtzMe’s most ambitious yet. Dubbed Artz Scan, the filter helps make art a more immersive experience by allowing it to only transcend the flat 2D plane it’s on. Art can sometimes get lost in translation. You really don’t know what an artist was trying to convey just by staring at his work. A lot of this is conjecture and projecting your own feelings onto the artwork… but what if the art could talk to you? With the Artz Scan feature, the artwork can be brought to life simply by holding the camera up and scanning the 2D artwork to reveal the associated immersive multi-sensory 3D experience. Artists can use this feature to add layers of experience to their art, either through animation, text, audio interpretation, or holograms where the artist speaks to the viewer. This experience empowers both the artist and the viewer, helping the former to produce art and the latter to consume art in ways traditional galleries have never been able to replicate!

The ArtzMe app is currently available on Android and iOS devices and is free to install. The app is in Korean for now, but ArtzMe hopes to roll out English, Japanese, Chinese, French, and Spanish in the second half of 2023.

Click here to download for the App Store
Click here to download it for Google Play

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