This elegant metal desk bar makes opening letters effortless and enjoyable

Letters are a fact of life, especially for those who still get their bills in the mail. But even when we receive welcome mail from loved ones, getting to the content can be an arduous and tedious ordeal. Of course, there are countless types of letter openers, and some have even jumped at the opportunity to design ones that could be mistaken for an ancient heirloom. Others simply use a box cutter or scissors, which will do the job to a degree and with less finesse. All of these letter cutters work pretty much the same though, relying on both luck and skill to get the envelope to reveal its treasures. In this day and age, that might be too much work than necessary, and this pretty piece of metal fixes that by letting you open a letter with just a swipe.

Designer: Tatsuya Kobayashi for Takeda Design Project

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Letter cutters are practically glorified knives or knife-like tools that behave similarly, trying to cut through glue or the paper itself to get at the letter’s contents. Others simply take the more practical route and cut off the short end of an envelope. The former can mess up the envelope, while the latter creates a mess of scraps of paper. Neither method is ideal, nor does it eliminate the friction of simply opening an envelope.

Confocus changes the way you open letters by completely changing the action. Instead of running a blade through the envelope, this letter cutter runs the envelope against the blade instead. If you’ve ever seen a card swiped at a terminal, or done so yourself, then the motion should be familiar. Granted, it might not be as snappy depending on the thickness of the envelope, but it’s significantly easier and less labor intensive than trying to cut through the envelope yourself.

The trick to this marvel of a stationery tool is that the blade inside only makes an incision on one side of the envelope and doesn’t completely cut through the other side. It’s like making a slit that’s just the right size to pull out the contents of the envelope. And since no paper is actually cut off, you don’t have to worry about messing up your desk. No fuss, no mess, just a simple gesture to open a precious letter from a family member or friend.

The letter cutter is a simple block of machined aluminum that’s anodized to give it an understated beauty. Even just standing on your desk, it can look elegant and classy, ​​like a minimalist decor piece. Because of its weight, you can also easily use it as a paperweight, drawing attention to itself rather than the stack of papers below. And when the blade eventually dulls, you can simply open it up with the tools provided and replace the blade. This way you can use this letter cutter forever, much longer than you get letters.

Click here to buy now: $41 $49 (15% discount at checkout). Hurry, the Post-Cyber ​​Monday Sale ends in 24 hours!

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