This elegant cutting machine makes crafts and projects so easy, it feels like magic

Although 3D printers have opened the door to many creative and DIY projects, not everything can or must be printed as a solid mass. Some of the most expressive and enchanting creative work comes from flat, two-dimensional pieces arranged in an appealing or eye-catching composition. Craft projects often involve a lot of cutting, often using different types of paper and with lots of irregular shapes. For veterans, cutting such pieces is a breeze after years of experience. For beginners, however, this can shake confidence and dashed hopes, leading to unfinished projects and shattered dreams. Fortunately, we now have technologies that can make that a thing of the past, and as a company dedicated to providing smart machines for crafting enthusiasts, LOKLIK presents Crafter as a prime example that overcomes the hassle of making a perfect cut.

Designer: LOKLIK design

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At first glance, this cutter could be mistaken for a large but classy printer, especially with its smooth, glossy finish and narrow footprint. This comparison is probably reasonable and fair as the LOKLIK Crafter slicer is designed to be easy to use which also means it can be placed in convenient spots on your desk or workbench. It’s not just a pretty face though, as the cutter packs a whole host of powerful features that allow crafters to focus more on the creative work rather than worrying about cutting materials perfectly.

Ultra Quiet – Operates at just 60dB.

Unlike most cutting machines, the LOKLIK Crafter is designed to work quickly but quietly, allowing creatives to work when inspiration strikes, rather than waiting for the perfect moment to be loud and messy. Thanks to its accurate tracking performance, cutting complex shapes and patterns is no problem at all. And if you run out of ideas, the free designs from the LOKLIK app can help inspire inspiration or even provide ready-to-use images to incorporate into your project.

The Crafter is a versatile slicer in more ways than one. It can work with a variety of materials, including cardstock, light-colored leather, and even vinyl. It can also work with materials of different sizes up to 12 inches wide and unlimited length. You no longer have to worry about pre-cutting the material to assemble the machine and you can even work with continuous plates to save time. And despite its name, the LOKLIK Crafter doesn’t just cut. Thanks to its two ports, it can also be used to draw letters and patterns by plugging a colored pencil or brush into one of its output ports.

LOKLIK really designed this machine to make crafting easy and fun for beginners and experts alike. An included scrap collector will help you keep your workspace clean and tidy to prevent material from ruining your projects. The cutting machine connects to phones and computers via Bluetooth or USB, offering the ultimate convenience of creating designs digitally and then cutting them flawlessly. You don’t even have to worry if your network connection suddenly drops because you can still get your work done in offline mode.

The LOKLIK Crafter is fast, quiet, easy to use and easy on the eyes. It’s the ultimate DIY assistant that gets to the point and lets you turn ideas into engaging crafts with minimal effort and hassle. LOKLIK is running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, where for just $99 on launch day ($109 for a super early bird price that includes a lifetime premium membership to OKLIK workshops), you can buy this stylish and powerful cutting machine to unleash your creativity Fly and bring your dream designs to life.

Click Here to Buy Now: $109 $169 (35% discount). Hurry, only for a short time.

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