This beautiful smart lamp will help you relax by calming your senses

Different people try to relax in different ways. Some just need to pop in a good video and lose themselves in entertainment for hours. Others, however, need something more sublime. Soothing music, pleasant scents, or even hypnotic candlelights can help flick a switch in our brain to start switching off. Each of us has a unique preference, but those preferences can change at any time. However, most relaxation products only address one use case or at most two and limit the actual effect when it comes to bathing the senses in positive stimuli. That’s why this smart lamp concept breaks down those barriers to deliver a multi-sensory experience that will delight and soothe the senses to help you enter that state of calm.

Designer: Anil Ramesh (Analogy Design)

Some people shut their eyes tight when they want to block out the world, while others prefer to be mesmerized by flickering lights. Some relax to their favorite music, while others prefer the scent of essential oils. There are obviously different ways to help our body and mind calm down, and also different products that target these different senses. If you’ve always wanted to combine all three, or switch between them every now and then, you’re pretty much forced to buy all three types of products.

Idiya goes beyond these mono-sensory devices and combines all three experiences into a single, elegant solution. It’s a smart lamp that looks like a giant candle from the outside, which is no coincidence. After all, looks are there for the eyes, so it’s crucial that the product comes in familiar and aesthetically pleasing packaging. The gently sloping central surface, surrounded by an uneven wall, is based on the basic shape of the candle, while the light adapts to people’s preferences and inclinations with different and changing colors.

However, the device is also a smart speaker that can emit sound in all 360 degrees. With a mobile app, you can choose your preferred soundscape or theme and even match it to the candlelight. Last but not least, there is also an essential oil diffuser that completes the equation, creating a more powerful and immersive experience that will definitely change the atmosphere of your home or room.

To be honest, Idiya is technically a mashup of three different devices, but it’s a combination executed in such a graceful way that you’d wonder why it hasn’t been made into an actual product yet. Some may prefer simpler, single-use products, but human desires can change so frequently that a single device targeting three of your five senses could be a more efficient and economical way to relax and find your center.

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