The video series Stolab Stories tells the story behind the furniture brand Stolab

Dezeen has teamed up with Swedish brand Stolab for a three part video series exploring the brand’s solid wood furniture and its heritage, values ​​and approach to sustainability. Watch the three films here.

Titled Stolab Stories, the series documents Stolab’s story of becoming a local brand with a deep appreciation for nature, craftsmanship and a family atmosphere at its headquarters in Smålandsstenar, Sweden.

The series included interviews with representatives of the Stolab brand, from factory workers to executives. The videos included interviews with longtime collaborators and designers of signature Stolab pieces.

The collaboration came about as in 2022 Stolab celebrated the 80th anniversary of its Lilla Åland chair, designed by Carl Malmsten in 1942.

Watch all three videos below:

The first part of the series introduced Stolab’s most notable pieces of furniture, including the Malmsten-designed Lilla Åland chair, which is one of the brand’s most iconic chairs and has been a mainstay of its production since it was first produced.

To celebrate its 80th anniversary, Stolab has released a special edition of its Windsor-style Lilla Åland chair during Stockholm Design Week 2022, comprising an oiled smoked oak version as well as a range of unique brightly colored lacquered editions.

Other products featured in the video include Yngve Ekström’s 1955 Arka armchair, Swedish architect and designer Jonas Lindvall’s Miss Holly bentwood armchair, and Marit Stigsdotter’s Prima Vista chair, which features an upholstered seat with a soft curved solid wood back, among others .

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The second video in the series explored the history of Stolab, focusing on its heritage and expertise in the manufacture of solid wood furniture.

The video included interviews with Stolab employees and the brand’s owner and CEO, Johansson. He spoke about the brand’s move from individually handcrafting each piece of furniture to contemporary production methods using modern machinery to increase performance while maintaining its artisanal approach.

“Same setting, same place, but it’s a completely different and more modern way of making the furniture,” said Johansson.

The video explored the brand’s approach of using locally sourced wood from the forest surrounding its factory in Sweden, which allows it to closely monitor its environmental impact and eliminate unnecessary waste by creating furniture that is “made to last.” are designed”.

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The final part of the series explored Stolab’s approach to waste and expanded on its ethos of reduce, reuse, and recover.

The video featured products that follow this philosophy, such as the Lilla Snåland stool, which is made from waste wood from manufacturing.

The stool makes use of the waste material left over from the production of the Lilla Åland chair by using 14 triangular birch heartwood leftovers to shape the stool.

Before they were used for the Lilla Snåland stool, the triangular offcuts got stuck in machines causing production stoppages and were therefore pulverized and thrown away.

Today, the company uses offcuts or products that become defective during production, or reuses products returned by customers to form new products.

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