The new Apple logo brings the iconic colors to life for the big store launch

The Apple logo is one of the most recognizable designs in tech thanks to its exemplary elegance and simplicity. It’s so memorable, in fact, that the brand is able to play with references to previous iterations in a way that everyone will instantly recognize.

That’s the case with a new logo design unveiled for the opening of Apple’s upcoming store at American Dream mall in New Jersey. The new take on the Apple logo offers both a nod to the past and a fresh, contemporary feel all rolled into one (if you’re looking for Apple gear, there are still plenty of Apple Cyber ​​Monday deals online).

The new Apple logo designed to promote the launch of the Apple American Dream (Image credit: Apple)

Apple is preparing to open its Apple American Dream Store at 11 a.m. Saturday (December 3) in the second largest mall in the United States. The store itself is expected to have a layout similar to the latest Apple retail stores. So perhaps the most interesting thing about the launch is the choice of logo. Apple’s launch connector (opens in new tab) on its website shows a reinterpretation of the classic rainbow-colored logo from 1997.

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