The NASA x Interstellar RED3.721 watch carries a piece of Mars and human endurance within it

Keeping track of time is a purely human construct, originally invented based on the movement of celestial bodies. We’ve of course refined our clocks since then, but they all still use the Earth as a frame of reference. This won’t do us much good when we start living on other planets, but luckily we’re just on the cusp of our stellar colonization ambitions. In fact, last year we landed our most ambitious attempt to probe our nearest planetary neighbor Mars, an accomplishment that is sure to be highlighted in the science and history books for years to come. While there are many new products out there celebrating and commemorating this momentous occasion, nothing probably comes closer than a NASA-blessed watch containing dust from the Red Planet and evidence of human perseverance to persevere and reach outer space.

Designer: Sebastian Colen

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On February 18, 2021, the Perseverance rover successfully landed on Mars soil. It represented mankind’s most ambitious attempt to explore our neighbor, looking for evidence of life and, more importantly, testing it for future missions and possible colonization. Unsurprisingly, many commemorative products have been launched since then, but the Interstellar RED3.721 watch is definitely not only NASA approved, but also a treasure trove of references to this event, all tastefully and in a stunningly elegant way.

Number “3,721” – Corresponds to the gravity of the planet observed during the NASA mission.

The Red Planet – The dial shows the pattern and features of Mars.

“7 Minutes of Terror” – Entry, descent and landing are considered the shortest and most intense phase of the Mars 2020 mission.

The Original “Meatball” NASA Logo – This collection was granted by NASA.

Perhaps the most obvious is the historic date engraved at the very top of the watch’s frame, although it’s just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Scattered across the watch’s surfaces are other clues that space lovers would understand, such as the glowing “7 Minutes of Terror” at the 3 o’clock position, marking the seven tense minutes between Perseverance’s entry into the Martian atmosphere and its safe landing honor the planet ground. On the back of the watch is the Perseverance’s parachute design, which is actually an encrypted message meaning “Dare Mighty Things”. Even the name of the watch itself pays homage to the Red Planet, both in name and in the number 3,721, which corresponds to the planet’s gravity.

Authentic Martian Meteorite – The dust is extracted from a meteorite that traveled millions of kilometers to eventually crash on Earth.

However, the most direct link to Mars is the relic, housed at the same 3 o’clock position. It contains dust harvested from a Martian meteorite discovered in northwest Africa last year. Those who decide to claim this unique variant of the NASA x Interstellar RED3.721 watch will be assured with a certificate of its authenticity, not to mention NASA’s authority in this collaboration.

However, NASA x Interstellar RED3.721 is not just a tribute to this historical moment. It is also a beautiful watch that combines the best of human ingenuity and dreams. The watch case, made from either 316L stainless steel or titanium, is colored black to represent the darkness of space. It contrasts nicely with the dial, which is a 3D relief of the Martian surface from actual scientific data. Although the watch is a reminder of our work for the future, the RED3.721 carries classic movements, either a Miyota 8215 or a Sellita SW200-1.

The Miyota variant comes in the 316L case and features the original NASA meatball logo, or you can get the watch coated in Martian meteorite dust. Sellita’s movement is housed in titanium. The project has already raised more than $650,000 since its launch in May 2022! Whatever design you claim, not only will you have a beautiful piece of watchmaking craftsmanship on your wrist, but you will definitely get a high quality product at a very affordable price. They will also wear a watch that simultaneously represents humanity’s past perseverance, present aspirations, and future hope.

Click Here to Buy Now: $495.

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