The LA County Attorney’s Office has taken a keen interest in the John Legend auto theft case, which the prosecutor says is an insult to crime victims

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office has taken an interest in a case in which singer John Legend almost had his luxury car stolen this week, in what some prosecutors in the office say is glaring special treatment for a high-profile supporter of District Attorney George Gascon.

“Attempted theft vehicle is a crime that George Gascon seems uninterested in prosecuting,” Assistant District Attorney John Lewin told Fox News Digital of his boss’s priorities.

Legend was at a recording studio on Monday when a suspect attempted to steal his Porsche, TMZ reported. The Los Angeles Police Department told the prominent news outlet that a man approached the vehicle, sat inside, and was looking for the keys or some other way to start it.

Studio security saw what was happening and called the police. When officers arrived, the suspect claimed the car was his. He got out and started to run. He was arrested after a brief foot chase on suspicion of attempted theft of a car.


Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon and John Legend. Some prosecutors under Gascon said Legend received special treatment because of his office’s interest in an attempted theft vehicle involving the music star’s Porsche.
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In an email Wednesday to prosecutors and Fox News, acting deputy attorney general John Harlan said he wanted to be kept informed of the case.

“News outlets are reporting that an unarmed person has been arrested for attempting to steal John Legend’s Porsche somewhere in Los Angeles — case may be due today,” the email reads. “Please keep an eye out for this case,” Harlan wrote, before asking to be notified via text message along with two others if the case appears in the prosecution’s records.

Fox News Digital has contacted the Attorney’s Office, the LAPD, Harlan and Legend officials, but has received no response.

“The idea that a senior administrator would issue an all-points bulletin to oversee this case smacks of special access and undue influence,” Lewin said. “Taking this type of action is offensive and an insult to any law-abiding citizen of Los Angeles who is a victim of a crime and who is generally viewed with disinterest or open hostility by this district attorney and his administration.” “

“Essentially, it appears that the acting deputy chief involved put out an all-points bulletin to be on the lookout for this case, like he’s pursuing the Hillside Stranger,” added Lewin, who had a murder conviction last year Late Real won – offshoot Robert Durst.

The Hillside Strangler murders of the late ’70s were a series of deaths involving female victims who were raped, tortured and killed in the hills of Los Angeles. Two cousins ​​were eventually arrested for the crimes.

Legend is a strong supporter of Gascony and the rights of criminal suspects, Lewin said.

He assisted Gascon in his 2020 attempt to unseat then-Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey. Gascon, which ran on an advanced platform, has since come under fire for many of its policies critics say enable criminals and has survived two recall attempts.

“George Gascón, our new Los Angeles Attorney, just announced some important reforms on his first day,” Legend tweeted after Gascon took office. “Proud to have supported his election. This is the kind of change we voted for and the kind of change we need to bring our system closer to true justice.”

He also backed Chesa Boudin, who was ousted as San Francisco’s top prosecutor in June during a recall election amid a rise in crime.


During the 2022 election cycle, Legend endorsed several hopeful prosecutors in several states.

“The district attorney election is critical to improving our criminal justice system and 2022 is a year of thousands of races,” he tweeted in April.

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