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The Christmas action comedy violent night was in theaters this weekend and I don’t know if you’ve seen it or not but I had a damn joy to see the movie! This film is pure, intense holiday fun, and David harbor was great in the role of Santa!

The film sees Santa face off against a team of rogue criminals who are holding a wealthy family hostage, and he rushes in to save the day! The film was compared to Die Hardbut it’s also a hilarious tribute to Home alone also.

There’s a great sequence in the movie where a little girl starts setting traps, like in Home alone, but the result is so much gory and brutal than the original family film. When you talk about it Home alone tribute, producer Kelly McCormick said CB:

“[Jonathan] Eusebio, our second unit leader and coordinator and Tommy Wirolaour director with David Leitch and I had this plan to really pay homage to that [Home Alone] but allow it to be innocent yet incredibly dangerous at the same time. And so Leah’s character, Trudy, doesn’t know that what’s happening is turning into a real problem, and she’s just kind of playing a game, and kind of how it then flowed into these crazy and serious moments for these other characters. With this you can camp properly and have a good time. It’s a kid, and you want it to feel almost like an R-rated kid’s movie in that section. That was the goal and I think we achieved it in a way that surprised us all when we did.”

Harbor further said that the Home alone Sequence is a “true crowd pleaser,” and she is! The audience I saw the film with laughed and just had fun while it was on. The actor added:

“I mean, it plays so well. I think part of that is that she’s so charismatic and so charming and wide-eyed and sweet that her attempt to recreate this movie in a crazy violent way is quite surprising and hilarious. Tommy is great with all that stuff. He was so creative on set, so spontaneous and such a crazy funny guy and loving the damn stuff so much that the whole spirit and vibe was very upbeat. It was a really nice shoot.”

director Tommy Wirola said the scene was in the very beginning of the script, but he wanted to take it to a bigger level. He explained:

“The Home Alone scene was always in the script, but one of the first things I said when I read the script was that this scene could be so much bigger. She was supposed to be the showstopper in the movie because I – like so many other people, and I’m sure that’s why the writers came up with this – have always wondered what would happen if “Home Alone.” ‘ would actually take place. These traps would be deadly. So our approach was actually, okay, let’s try to emulate that. We don’t want to get too detailed with the traps. They just really want to show what happens when these traps really exist. We cast stunt people for these roles so we can really hurt them and do really crazy things with them and also the reason the scene works so well is because Trudy, the little girl, doesn’t realize that she’s doing something does terrible things. She’s just directing the movie. It’s just fun and games!”

In the movie “When a team of mercenaries breaks into a wealthy family compound on Christmas Eve and takes everyone hostage, the team is unprepared for a surprise fighter: Santa Claus is on the compound and he’s about to show why Nick is no saint.” “

The film also has stars John Leguizamo (John Wick), Cam gigandet (Without regrets), Alex Hasell (Cowboy Bebop), Alexis Lauter (The Morning War), Ed Patterson (The Righteous Gems) and Beverly D’Angelo (National Lampoons Vacation Franchise).

When you saw the film, what did you think? If not, you should check it out, it’s fun!

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