The Chiefs overtake Bills as favorites in Super Bowl LVII

The Chiefs (9-2) surpassed the Bills (8-3) as Super Bowl favorites on SI Sportsbook.

The Bills went into the season as favorites and maintained that status before their recent mediocre game resulted in the Chiefs overtaking them overall. Buffalo has lost two of its last four games, struggling with the Lions and Browns.

The Chiefs have won five straight games since losing 24-20 at home to the Bills in Week 6. Kansas City, finishing with a better record than Buffalo, could lead to a third straight playoff game between the teams at Arrowhead Stadium.

Who can forget the 2022 AFC divisional round playoff game between teams when Kansas City edged past Buffalo in overtime to win 42-36? Josh AllenThe wrong call of “tails” on the overtime coin toss resulted in the Bills being unable to answer the Chiefs’ touchdown drive and resulted in the overtime rules being changed.

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