Tesla is losing its luster among some die-hard fans following Elon Musk’s takeover

  • The Tesla brand has fallen unpopular with some former fans following Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter.
  • Some even say they are trading in their vehicles, according to their Twitter posts.
  • Investor sentiment toward Tesla has also fallen since Musk’s Twitter deal, according to Morgan Stanley.

Some Tesla fans have been less enthusiastic about the EV company since Elon Musk took over Twitter.

Many of them have expressed their frustration in tweets using the hashtag #nevertesla to show they have sworn off Tesla.

Some drivers even say they traded in their Teslas after seeing the billionaire’s antics on Twitter.

one said: “I drive a @Tesla and have @TeslaSolar powering my house. But we bought one @Polestar and ordered a second one every day @elonmusk I am pleased that we are moving away from his products. #nevertesla.”

Scrolling through the hashtag #nevertesla brings up many similar feelings.

Other users who apparently were never particularly fans of Musk also use the hashtag. “I’m looking for an electric car to replace a 6-year-old sedan”, said another user. “I see more @elonmusk To whine and promote fascists here, I better avoid buying a Tesla. #NeverTesla #MuskIsATroll.”

Investor sentiment toward Tesla has also deteriorated recently, according to a Morgan Stanley survey.

Around 65% of respondents said Musk’s high-profile drama on Twitter “will have a negative or slightly negative impact on Tesla’s business going forward.” One potential risk could be a drop in consumer sentiment or demand, Morgan Stanley said in a statement Monday.

In addition, Tesla drivers say they face aggression on the road. An August report by Axios found that Tesla drivers in Iowa “were routinely harassed, cut off from traffic, and blocked from charging stations.” Many Tesla drivers blamed Musk’s behavior and the news cycle in the months leading up to his Twitter purchase for the treatment, according to Axios.

Tesla drivers who have been subjected to offensive comments have also been questioned by the Guardian. However, the comments were most likely a result of the perpetrators’ hatred of electric vehicles and not Musk specifically, according to the outlet.

Insiders contacted Tesla for comment but did not immediately receive a response.

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