Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp is delighted with his $50 college win

Despite being one of the most famous former child stars in the world, Noah Schnapp has always managed to maintain a degree of normality in his life.

The 18-year-old actor was just 11 when he rose to fame after landing the role of Will Byers in the Netflix series stranger things.

Over the years his star power and public profile have steadily grown and he now has an impressive 31 million followers on TikTok and 27 million on Instagram.

It was also reported that he made $250,000 per episode in the last season stranger things– from $20,000 per episode in Season 1.

As a result, Noah has an estimated net worth of $3 million, but his fame and fortune haven’t stopped him from embracing life as a normal teenager.

In fact, Noah took on a part-time job as a lifeguard over the summer, telling Flaunt at the time: “It’s kind of a ‘just for fun’ thing, I kind of grew up with a normal life and normal friends and stuff outside stranger thingsso it kind of kept me grounded.

And the job was actually just a precursor to college, which he started in the fall.

Last December, Noah posted an emotional video of himself jumping for joy after being accepted into the University of Pennsylvania.

This video of Noah Schnapp learning he got accepted into college is the purest thing in the world. Congratulations Noah!! 👏

Twitter: @netflix

And while he could have easily paid for his own private housing, Noah planned to get the full college experience by sharing a dorm, eating in the dining room, and using the communal showers.

In fact, Noah seems to have settled into regular college life a little too well, as the video-captured star is seriously excited at the prospect of a $50 win.

Earlier this month, YouTube channel Kwoknation uploaded a video showing recent grad Aaron stopping random University of Pennsylvania students to see if they could answer five high school-level economics questions.

He offered $50 to anyone who answered all five questions correctly, and $10 to those who managed to answer four of the five questions.

And multi-millionaire actor Noah happened to be one of several students arrested, and he excitedly introduces himself as plain old “Noah” when Aaron asks his name in the video.

The star then explains that he’s a freshman studying entrepreneurship and innovation at school, and Aaron says, “I’m going to ask you five questions that are increasing in difficulty. If you get five out of five, you get $50.”

At this point, Noah’s jaw drops and he enthusiastically repeats, “50?!”

When Aaron confirms, Noah replies, “Oh shit!”

Noah then answers four of the questions correctly, admitting that he may have “an unfair advantage” because he is currently learning many of the topics in class.

But he flounders when it comes to the $50 question, which is, “Under which president was the Federal Reserve System created?”

Noah immediately admits he has no idea, saying, “Oh god, I have no idea… How, the other day?”

“Would it be a name I know or an obscure name?” he also asks. “I have no idea.”

Eventually, Noah guesses George Washington, and when Aaron says it was actually Woodrow Wilson, Noah admits, “Oh, I never would have guessed that.”

While missing out on the $50, Noah earned $10 for answering most questions correctly, even though that was only 0.004% of what he earned per episode stranger thingsNoah is visibly happy about the victory.

“Oh sick!” he exclaims while waiting for the money.

And when Aaron hands him the note, Noah is incredibly grateful and says, “Thank you, great! Thank you very much!”

Needless to say, fans found the whole thing quite endearing, with many sharing their amusement at Noah’s behavior throughout the clip.

“I swear he always forgets he’s a celebrity,” one person commented. Another wrote: “Bro said ‘FIFTY ? 😳’ like he doesn’t get paid $250,000 per Stranger Things episode lmfao.”

A third person echoed, “Noah is happy about $50 like he’s not a multimillionaire, that’s the best thing I’ve seen today.”

Another added: “The way he took the $10 even though he definitely has millions in his bank account lmao 😂”

Another wrote: “Brother he is so humble and definitely seems such a cool guy🫶🏼”

Noah has previously been candid about his decision to study business instead of acting, telling Flaunt, “Acting was just kind of repetitive and I wanted to try something new.

“Milli [Bobby Brown] does the same with her schooling – she learns about other things. I thought it would make more sense to do something else. And the deal was a pretty clear next step for me,” he added.

But unlike her co-star, Millie enrolled as an online college student to study Human Services at Purdue University.

And the college campus video certainly isn’t the first time Noah has arguably forgotten he’s a celebrity. The actor caused a stir in 2018 when he joined Millie’s Instagram Live and immediately complained about his mother.

“Oh my god, Millie. My mom texted me and she was like, “I’m so done with you, I’ve lost all patience. I’ll take away your laptop and cellphone,'” he aired at the time.

Noah’s co-star was quick to remind him that thousands of people watched as she exclaimed, “Noah, we’re live!” leading him to sheepishly reply, “Oh I forgot, hi everyone,” before he did stream left.

More recently, Noah found himself on the receiving end of Doja Cat’s wrath after playfully leaking him her private messages asking if his costar Joseph Quinn was single.

And as proof that he really is just like us, Noah was also seen feeling excited from an Instagram Live between two island of love stars over the summer.

Seeing noah schnapp jacques and luca live and saying “I LOVE YOU” is so random 😭😭#loveIsland

Twitter: @03683m

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