Six ways to improve diversity in UX design

UX design is often confused with UI, and this can lead to the misconception that it’s mostly about aesthetics. But UX design is about people, and people are all different. There are many ways that one person’s experience with a product can differ from another. And that means UX designers need to consider diversity to provide a good experience for users.

Factors like race, gender, sexual orientation, and disabilities all need to be considered in UX design. Here, experts in the field share their views and advice on how to improve diversity in UX. To learn more about UX and UI design, sign up for our UX Design Fundamentals online course (opens in new tab). You’ll learn from experts in the field, including some of those who contributed to this article.

01. Start with a diverse team

(Image credit: Miakievy via Getty Images)

Content designer Jacquelyn Iyamah suggests that having a diverse team on board can be helpful. “When you have a diverse team of designers, and I mean diverse in every sense of the word, there’s going to be more advocates who can advocate for the obliteration of the products you design,” she says.

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