Samsung’s 85-inch TV is $300 off and ships for March Madness

With March Madness, now is an excellent time to upgrade your home cinema experience with a massive new TV and while these tend to be expensive we’ve found one of the best TV deals for you. This 85-inch Samsung TU7000 4K TV is available for $1,200, and while that’s still a bit pricey, it’s a respectable $300 off the usual $1,500 and generally a great price for such a massive TV that’s packed with features.

Why you should buy the 85-inch Samsung TU7000 4K TV

While 4k resolution TVs have become quite common in recent years, it’s rare to find TVs that combine massive size and HDR, especially as HDR tends to drive up the average TV price significantly. Even better, Samsung has included HLG, the HDR standard most broadcasters use. So if you want this TV specifically for watching sports you will get amazing contrast and picture quality. While it sadly doesn’t have a native high refresh rate of 120Hz, it does have Auto Motion Plus, a framerate smoothing technology that tries to recreate a similar look.

It also means it’s not the best for console gaming, although the 85-inch Samsung TU7000 4K TV has a gaming mode that reduces input lag and optimizes the picture. As such it’s still a reasonably good TV for gaming and if you like indie or casual gaming then it’s perfect. As well as its gaming prowess it also has a lot of nice features and integrations, such as of course it also runs Samsung’s Tizen system which is pretty fast and if you have other compatible Samsung devices you can control them all just by using the remote control of the TV, which is nifty.

Overall, the Samsung TU7000 4K 85-inch TV is an excellent TV if you want a better sports experience, and with a whopping 85-inch size, you can have lots of friends and family watching. However, if you’re looking for something with a little more power, these QLED TV deals are great if you’re looking for the best picture quality you can get.

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