Retro-futuristic electric concept motorcycle “eZpin” drives away in aluminum steel

Mikhail Smolyanov designs eZpIn

Custom motorcycle designer Mikhail Smolyanov sounds vague when he talks about how he came up with his concept’s spherical design electric retro-futuristic motorcycle ‘eZpIn.’ Smolyanov admits that his style is based on retro-futurism. He envisions aluminum stainless steel taking on a bullet shape for the bike’s seat and what might look like rimless goggles for the overall aesthetic.

The pointed end gets bigger, longer and wider as it reaches the head of the concept car. The use of aluminium-stainless steel as the design material is also a bang, knowing that Smolyanov conceives the ride as an electric motorcycle. The dotted line on the side of the steel seat may remind the viewer of a submarine, enhanced by the speedometer protruding through the body frame.

Images courtesy of Mikhail Smolyanov

Instead of the usual horizontal position of the handles, Smolyanov’s style is erected as if they were joysticks for game consoles. A game atmosphere is offered to the drivers. Lean in and eZpIn will shoot you through the highway. Calling his own 3D illustration a “strange motorcycle,” Smolyanove draws his style and appearance while in a strange place on one of the longest nights of the year.

What that space and time might have been has not yet come out. His lips are sealed, but the way his concept bike emerged from his creative thinking may be seen through his state of mind, where the design future of motorcycling pales in comparison to what the present sees.

mikhail smolyanov concept motorcycle ezpin
View from above

Different sizes of design elements

Mikhail Smolyanov also designed a motorcycle made of transparent glass. The rounded edges soften the impressive look of the glass and the use of gray tones gives the bike a friendly feel. The boxy gas and engine frame of the glass-encased motorcycle appears in eZpIn.

Rather than enclosing it with barriers, eZpin’s has just a single solid block of steel that houses all of the bike’s essentials. The no-frills design exudes a clean flair, a seemingly unspoken call to the minimalist. The hollowed wheels are also carefully designed.

mikhail smolyanov concept motorcycle ezpin
The tires are irregularly shaped

At first glance they look similar. Then viewers quickly realize that they are different sizes. The rear wheel is chunkier and rounder with attached taillights and a design element that makes it look like an external macro lens to place on a smartphone’s camera.

The name eZpIn is highlighted in yolk color inside the edge. The front wheel is thinner, as if borrowed from a bicycle, and outlined with a yellow accent. The difference in the size of the wheels affects the headlights, where the smaller one is amber and the larger one is white, both in LED.

mikhail smolyanov concept motorcycle ezpin
Even the headlights are different colors

mikhail smolyanov concept motorcycle ezpin
There is a single solid block of steel for the engine

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