Prince of Wales meets Joe Biden in Boston ahead of the Earthshot Awards

The Prince of Wales met US President Joe Biden in Boston, where he thanked him for the “warm welcome” he and his wife had received in the United States.

He also briefed the President on his Earthshot Award ahead of the second annual ceremony to be held at MGM Music Hall.

“Where’s your overcoat?” Biden asked the prince in appreciation of the freezing temperatures.

The meeting was arranged after an accidental last-minute change of schedule for Biden meant he was in Boston for a political fundraiser.

It was their fourth meeting in just 18 months, following the G7 summit in Cornwall, the Cop26 in Glasgow and the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

US-based advisers said Biden is “hugely supportive of the royal family and is personally keen to meet the prince, not least because the inspiration behind Earthshot aligns with his own views on the urgency of climate action.”

Earlier; A spokesman for the prince said he was looking forward to the meeting, which was held at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.

He was due to discuss the Earthshot awards ceremony at MGM Music Hall tonight.

“The prince will share the legacy of last year’s finalists and the impact they are having around the world,” the spokesperson said.

“He also wants to express his gratitude to the American people for the warm welcome he and the Princess received this week.”

At the second annual Earthshot awards ceremony, celebrities including David Beckham, Billie Eilish and Annie Lennox were set to wall the tree-lined green carpet before the prince welcomed five new winners.

In keeping with the environmental message, all guests were asked to reuse or recycle their outfits while flowers were grown within 100 miles of the venue, MGM Music Hall, and the food was plant-based.

The ceremony marks the culmination of a three-day visit to the city, during which the prince and princess boldly moved on with community-focused engagements while being slammed from all sides with a royal race dispute at home and the release of a dramatic Netflix trailer of Harry and Meghan.

Previously, the princess took her message from the early years to Harvard University. Armed with a black legal pad full of handwritten ideas and questions, she spent half an hour with experts from the developing child center before greeting the well-wishers outside.

Wearing a houndstooth dress by Emilia Wickstead, the princess told experts it was “the first of many” visits. She said she still has a lot to learn and wants to stay longer or even take a Harvard course.

“Apparently they say it’s never too late, there’s always time,” she said.

The visit comes just days after the princess warned in the Telegraph that ‘not enough is being done’ to feed Britain’s youngest children, as she vowed to use her role to ‘do everything she can’ to protect the next generation.

Meanwhile, the prince visited the JFK library with Ambassador Caroline Kennedy, the late president’s only surviving child.

Writing in the Huffington Post on Friday, Prince William described himself as “a stubborn optimist” who believes in “the power of human ingenuity.”

Explaining the inspiration behind the Earthshot Prize, he wrote, “Bloody predictions about our natural world are not the only side of this story, and they need not be our future.”

The prize, now in its second year, will award £1million each year to five winners for a decade. It was inspired by President John F. Kennedy’s concept of moonshots, which has become a shorthand for ambitious and groundbreaking goals since the American mission to put a man on the moon.

Calling to arms, the prince said: “We face a seemingly insurmountable challenge of how to put a person on the moon: to reverse the damage that has been done to our planet and embark on a journey towards a more sustainable future.”

He added: “Fixing our planet won’t be easy, but taking action to protect our natural world is undeniable.

“Every day we learn a new fact, figure, or reach an alarming milestone that marks our seemingly unstoppable — and fast — march toward climate catastrophe.”

He said it’s “easy to understand how people can feel overwhelmed, pessimistic and fatalistic,” but added, “There is reason for hope.”

The Prince said the Earthshot Prize will find, celebrate and support the best solutions, not only to “amplify their positive impact” but also “to show a desperate world that there is an optimistic way forward”.

He said: “In this critical decade, I invite you all to be optimistic, support the game-changers and believe in the power of human ingenuity.”

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