Only one bidder can bring home the rare 2004 Ferrari Enzo hypercar

What makes this Ferrari hypercar so rare?

A bidder will soon enjoy the grin on their face as they bring the rare 2004 home and drive it Ferrari Enzo Hypercar in matte black. What does the Hypercar design An unrepeatable classic is that it is the only Ferrari Enzo to be delivered new from Maranello, utilizing the influence available only to a member of Brunei’s royal family.

2004 Ferrari Enzo was the first Ferrari hypercar ever to come from the factory in matte black, a former crown jewel in the largest collection of one-off Ferraris, such as RM Sotheby’s Expectations.

Images courtesy of RM Sotheby’s

With a published production run of just 400 examples ever built, the rare and coveted 2004 Ferrari Enzo hypercar was introduced at a time in Ferrari history when the color palette for road cars was still quite limited. A member of Brunei’s royal family tapped Ferrari for a truly unique color, and the automaker made it possible by painting the hypercar Nero Opaco (matte black). While it’s one of the most popular bespoke colors today, it wasn’t during the Ferrari Enzo’s conception in 2004 that it was ahead of its time.

2004 Ferrari Enzo Hypercar
front view

Building 2004 Ferrari Enzo

The establishment of 2004 Ferrari Enzo Hypercar began on June 8, 2004 and ended on October 15 of the same year. The matte black variant was specified with Nero Opaco paintwork over a matching Nero leather interior with Nero carpets and personalized with full-size seats. The recent restoration replaced necessary parts such as the typical sticky switches, front and rear headlights, rear hood glass and a full repaint to the car’s original Nero Opaco.

RM Sotheby’s writes that the one-off was kept at the family’s London residence, where it would occasionally appear on the streets of Hampstead, Mayfair and Knightsbridge, before later being taken to the Asia-Pacific region.

2004 Ferrari Enzo Hypercar
rear view

Bidders have only two days to participate

The rest of the hypercar was just as special as the signature powertrain, housed in a carbon fiber and aluminum chassis and clad in carbon composite body panels. The hypercar is for sale at RM Sotheby’s for the first time.

The offer is offered without reservations, bidding starts on December 5th at 17:00 GMT and ends in two days. At the bottom of the bid is RM Sotheby’s Side? siteonly one bidder can own and experience the rarity that the 2004 Ferrari Enzo shared during its launch around the world.

2004 Ferrari Enzo Hypercar
Aerial view

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