Nothing founder Carl Pei announces that the company is working on a new phone for the US

According to company founder Carl Pei, mid-range phone brand Nothing wants to make its US debut but faces some logistical problems — not to mention competition from big rivals.

in one Conversation with CNBC (opens in new tab)According to Pei, the company is currently in “early discussions with American airlines…” but didn’t name any specific ones. Each carrier has a specific suite of software to add to smartphones, and according to the founder, “a lot of additional technical support” needs to be provided. All of this has contributed to nothing delaying an American launch. It’s also unknown if the phone (1), currently Nothing’s only smartphone, will launch or if it will be something else. But it won’t be the phone (2) as Pei shot down quickly this idea on Twitter (opens in new tab). He explains that according to the post, Phone (1) will be the company’s main focus as it creates the device’s software.

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