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Like the rest of us movie geeks Nicholas Cage would like to see John Zimmerman shoot another movie one day. It’s been 12 years since Carpenter directed a feature film with the 2010 psychological horror thriller The station. Since then he mainly plays video games and composes music.

Cage and Carpenter recently had a conversation that was published on Document, and during that conversation Carpenter called Cage, “The bravest actor I’ve ever known. You try things, you don’t stop.” He went on to say:

“It’s amazing. A new movie with a new idea and a new character, and here it is again. It’s going out there one more time. I mean, you love living on the edge of this performance stuff. Put it out there . I’m just staying in my box. I’m enjoying it here.”

At this point, Cage gently nudges Carpenter to make more films and says, “I see. But it would be fantastic to see more of your films, you know?”

Carpenter explains that he is now making music and the conversation leads to Cage telling Carpenter that he would like him to be the “Total Filmmaker”, stating:

“I think more directors should learn from what they do. Jerry Lewis always said to me, ‘I want you to be the total filmmaker.’ And to be the total filmmaker, you have to write your own music, you have to act, you have to direct. What you do is closer to total filmmaking than most, you know? But you have to play in it now. “

Cage then addresses that it’s time for him to give back in some way, mentioning that he’s taking a class where he says, “I would do it very Socratically. I wouldn’t be one of those guys who is a bully on a teacher. I would ask them questions. I would make it an open conversation. And I would address various things that I’ve tried that helped me get there.

Carpenter then responded with the idea of ​​starting a Nicolas Cage University, which he seems more passionate about than filmmaking. He said:

“I like that. You know what we could do — if you want to mess with me — we could do something like Trump University. We could do Nicolas Cage University. What do you think?”

He added that they could knock people off a few bucks, and while Cage says he’s not really ready for Nicolas Cage University, Carpenter told him, “I want you to consider Nicolas Cage University. I want you to think about it.”

They obviously have fun together, but I’m sure there are some people who would jump at the opportunity to join Nicolas Cage University! Would you?

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