NFL Week 12 – Najee Harris, Taylor Heinicke other fashionable newcomers

This concludes week 12 of the NFL season. Thanksgiving Day came and went, leaving full bellies and another check in the winnings column for the Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys, and Minnesota Vikings.

While Tom Brady stayed true to his athleisure aesthetic when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers entered the dog pound, his Cleveland Browns opponent Myles Garrett went Jurassic chic in a dinosaur-print suit.

In a slightly louder direction (it’s all relative), meanwhile, Joe Burrow took a floral bomber jacket on the Cincinnati Bengals’ business trip to the home of the Tennessee Titans.

Before the Washington Commanders’ home game against the Atlanta Falcons, Taylor Heinicke honored UVA football with his shoes.

Now, after a jam-packed Sunday dinner, our attention turns to the Pittsburgh Steelers and Indianapolis Colts.

Here are the best week 12 pregame looks from the NFL.

Prime time looks

Lights on Sunday evening

4 p.m. is fine

preferably on Sunday

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