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It’s been a miserable season for the Denver Broncos, who have lost seven of their last eight games after Sunday’s 10-23 loss to the Carolina Panthers.

And as you’d expect, head coach Nathaniel Hackett isn’t happy.

“No one is as frustrated as I am,” he told reporters Monday. “This is not where we wanted to be at this point in the season. None of us thought it would be like this and that responsibility is entirely mine. I want to be the one who can do whatever it takes to help this football .” Team. Because we have to get together as a group and try to find a way to win a football game. We can’t play like we played yesterday and expect to win a football match. For me it starts with the preparation. “

When the Broncos traded for Russell Wilson this offseason, the expectation was that the veteran quarterback would help transform the offense and take last year’s 7-10 team to new heights.

Instead, the Broncos are just 3-8, have an NFL-worst average of 14.3 points per game, and are 25th in yards per game (319.1).

Add in the fact that the Seattle Seahawks own the 2023 Broncos first-round pick as part of the Wilson trade — currently No. 4 overall — and it’s difficult to find many silver linings for this team right now.

They were such a tough watch that the NFL turned away from them in prime time – in a matchup against one of football’s most exciting players, Patrick Mahomes – to instead feature the Miami Dolphins versus the Los Angeles Chargers in two weeks time:

Adam Scherter @Adam Scherter

The NFL leaned out of potential this season’s MVP Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs versus the Denver Broncos on Sunday night, December 11 to get this duel instead: Picture.

Hackett’s offensive plan clearly didn’t work, but Wilson shares the same blame. The 34-year-old has thrown for just 2,369 yards, eight touchdowns and five interceptions, making it a career-worst 58.9 percent of his passes while catching 35 sacks in 10 games.

Many frustrations seemed to spill over on Sunday:

“We’re in this together, period,” Mike Purcell told reporters about the incident. “He’s our offensive quarterback. They were about to take the field. Obviously we neglected a touchdown, so we didn’t do our job. But you must get a spark somewhere. They wanted to take the field, so that was all.”

Wilson said Purcell yelled at him, “We’ve gotta fucking go.”

“I agreed,” he added. “So me and him are on the same page. There is no animosity at all. We have to win. We have to get out of here and have some courage with ourselves. We have to be able to win these football games. These guys are out there fighting every game. We have to be able to capitalize on that on offense.”

Up to this point, the offense hasn’t done much of anything. Until that changes, the frustration will remain.

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