Meet a medieval woman named “Tora” who lived in Norway 800 years ago

A life-size 3D model of a grinning old woman holding a walking stick looks like a contemporary elder strolling through her neighborhood. In reality, this woman lived in Norway almost 800 years ago and the model is a sculpted life-size reconstruction based on her skeleton.

On October 7th Ellen Grav (opens in new tab)an archaeologist at the University Museum of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), introduced the world to the lifelike model, dubbed “Torah”. Facebook (opens in new tab). Tora’s likeness can now be seen as part of an exhibition exhibition (opens in new tab) in the museum of the NTNU. (Tora’s name was chosen in a public survey (opens in new tab) performed by NRK, a Norwegian broadcasting company.)

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