McLaren introduces e-scooter that folds into an easy-to-carry package

E-scooters are all the rage and most car manufacturers are joining this electrification trend. McLaren is betting on the mindful rage with its all-in-one electric vehicle, a battery-powered scooter destined to redefine the complexion of personal mobility.

The British company has created a new spin-off called Lavoie Electric (similar to the Porsche Design label) to address the rising developments in its EV quest – be they current or those destined for the future. As Wertheimer, co-founder and CEO of Lavoie rightly indicated, they want to create a vehicle that is “reliable, impeccably functional, powerful, stylish” and state-of-the-art. To be precise, built like any car or motorcycle.

Designer: Lavoie Electric

McLaren takes its clean energy ambitions in the personal mobility space very seriously, with Richard Clarke, ex-F1 engineer and electric vehicle expert Eliott Wertheimer, and Albert Nassar leading the ranks at Lavoie. The very first product will be the Series 1 foldable electric scooter, which takes inspiration from the suspension system of a world-class racing car. That’s well complemented by the chunky tires to further soak up the bumps and rough pavement. So you can pretty much imagine the ride comfort on this electric scooter in real life situations.

The real USP of this personal commuter is that it folds in half, thanks to the patented flowfold mechanism, to achieve the size of an easy-to-carry package – and that too at the push of a button. The magnesium frame scooter weighs only 36 pounds for practicality around town, which is a huge bonus. The Series 1 electric scooter has a battery capacity that is enough to drive 50 km on a single charge. The device can be recharged in a few hours – again a great advantage.

Looks are also capitalized here, with a sleek aerodynamic shape and a funky triangular headlight. Safety is also paramount with this design, as the innovative light distribution illuminates the road ahead and the parking lights keep other motorists informed of the journey. The Series 1’s integrated display offers turn-by-turn navigation and the indicator lights are controlled from the handlebars.

Lavoie promises to reveal more details about the electric scooter in the coming future and hasn’t revealed any details on availability or pricing for now. However, the design is promising and is backed by tightly knit features that are very useful in day-to-day use.

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