King Charles wants to offer Harry and Meghan a flat in Buckingham Palace after Frogmore Cottage is vacated

King Charles III could offer the Duke and Duchess of Sussex an apartment at Buckingham Palace as their British residence when they visit the country, it has been reported.

The monarch urged the couple to vacate their former home in Britain, Frogmore Cottage, and is said to have offered the keys to his brother, the disgraced Duke of York.

But reports that he will be expanding an “olive branch” come after Prince Harry took part in a new interview with author Gabor Maté for readers of his memoir, Savetook part, on Saturday evening (March 4th).

The suite of rooms the King could offer Harry and Meghan Markle previously belonged to Prince Andrew.

The Post on Sunday A source was quoted as saying: “His Majesty is furious [with Harry]how it is [Prince] Wilhelm. But the king is not a bad man. He doesn’t want to see his brother Andrew homeless or destitute. He also doesn’t want to take the Sussexes’ base in the UK away.

“London fits better. The Sussexes have always wanted rooms at Buckingham Palace. They may have Andrew’s old rooms there that are being cleared out.”

Earlier this year, the king reportedly told Andrew he could no longer use his suite of rooms at the palace.

sources previously said The Independent that the Duke is now living as a “hermit” at Royal Lodge, his home for the last two decades, but his time there may be coming to an end and the King reportedly wishes he moved to Frogmore Cottage instead.

But Andrew is said to be “resisting” such a move from the 30-room mansion and has yet to take up the offer.

Prince Andrew is said to ‘resist’ and urges him to move into Frogmore Cottage

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Although royal experts believe the king’s decision to evict Harry and Meghan from Frogmore Cottage is linked to the release of the prince’s memoir, sources said the couple will still receive an invitation to the coronation in May.

The Post on Sunday reports that the King and Queen Consort are “angry” and “tired” from the revelations in Harry’s bestseller. On its pages, Harry claimed his brother William once physically attacked him and pushed him to the ground, and accused Camilla of “leaking” stories to the press.

The Independent has reached out to the Palace for comment.

During his most recent interview, Harry spoke about how the lack of physical affection during his childhood impacted the way he is raising his two children, Archie and Lilibet, today.

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After Maté pointed to a section in spare part In which the prince wrote about the lack of hugs he received from members of the royal family, Harry said: “It empowers me now, as a father of two children of my own, to make sure I smother them with love and affection.” .”

He added: “I feel a huge responsibility as a father not to pass on any trauma or negative experiences that I had as a child or as a man growing up, and that’s work.

“That means putting in the work and being careful about my behavior and reactions to my two children on a daily basis.”

Harry also reflected on his marriage to Meghan, praising her for helping him through a time when he felt “stuck”.

“People said my wife saved me,” he told Maté. “I was stuck in this world and she came from another world and helped me break out of it.”

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