Kanye West storms out of interview with Tim Pool after slight pushback

The unholy trinity of Kanye “Ye” West, white nationalist Nick Fuentes and far-right political commentator and self-proclaimed “ex-gay” Milo Yiannopoulos performed together at the Timcast IRL Monday night podcast hosted by YouTuber Tim Pool.

From the start, the conversation was clearly geared towards destroying the internet after former President Donald Trump’s turbulent meeting with West and Fuentes, which resulted in a fiery clash of egos and sparked widespread condemnation from all directions, as Fuentes is an open white nationalist and Holocaust deniers.

The three are not only controversial media personalities, but purveyors of bigotry; Fuentes in particular is a antisemitic who does not wrap his hateful rhetoric in evasive language. Fuentes is also an ardent misogynist who believes women should not have the right to vote and claims to be a virgin; He once said that “having sex with women is gay”.

West has made several anti-Semitic statements on social media and during interviews, and seems to have doubled down on the alliance with Fuentes.

Pool, a political commentator with a right-wing audience, tried to portray himself as a sort of centrist, willing to agree with the ghastly trio when the odds came.

But it wasn’t long before West, who is attempting to run for president in 2024, began spewing anti-Semitic rhetoric. Thankfully, blatant anti-Semitism proved to be the hard line Pool would not cross.

In a rambling tirade, West compared himself to Martin Luther King, declaring:

“I thought I was more Malcolm X, but I found out I’m more MLK. Being hosed down by the press and financially every day, I just stand there.”

Pool appeared to agree with West, saying that “they were extremely unfair.” West responded by asking what Pool meant by “they,” speculating they wouldn’t be able to say it on camera. Pool then clarified that he was referring to the “corporate press,” leading to an anti-Semitic outburst from Fuentes, who put an awkward emphasis on the word “they.”

Fuentes was then interrupted by West, who at the time seemed to realize that Pool didn’t take kindly to her anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. As Pool attempted to explain his own perspective, West got up and stormed out, followed by Fuentes and Yiannopoulos.

The trio did not return to the podcast. Pool and his team continued talking long after West stormed out; Pool later described West’s antics as “awakened”.

Twitter soon lit up with gossip as commentators debated the pathetic spectacle.

It seems that most alt-right provocateurs and culture warriors have either become anti-Semites or are willing to engage anti-Semites in dialogue for the sake of attention.

But as West has proved, having a good faith discussion with fanatics is not only unwise—it’s impossible.

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