In the online back and forth, Bobby Shmurda threatens YoungBoy with never being broke again

Bobby Shmurda has threatened YoungBoy Never Broke Again after the pair went back and forth over comments made by Rowdy Rebel on a podcast.

In two posts on his Instagram story via HipHopDX, YoungBoy referred to Shmurda as “of Shmurda” and a “slave.” “I thought you were a fan,” he wrote. “Go and make a hit. i just wanna be friends … Well, talk hard. Help me keep the peace, or just remain a slave far away.”

He followed up the posts with a series of videos in which he called out both Shmurda and his close collaborator Rowdy, while also implying he doesn’t want any trouble with them.

“This crazy n***a wants another n***a to jump out of the truck and pump a fake and then get shot in the face? Man, you sound damn dumb! You’re stupid,” he said, as seen below. “I don’t want any problems with you, man. Get the fuck out of my way or get screwed, man. Like I said, stop the violence, man.”

YoungBoy also pointed out that Shmurda went to prison at the “peak” of his career and joked that his streaming numbers have been low since his return.

Following his comments, Shmurda shot back during an Instagram Live session.

“Someone tagged the little n***a for not doing that internet shit,” he said. “I didn’t even talk about you. Do you understand little nigga? … I’m already 2 and 0 for the year. On probation, nigga. 1 million dollars upwards. Stop the fuck playing with me… I’m making $100,000 a week. I don’t give a fuck about any views, I’m not a little kid like all of you. I’m 28 years old, I’m a grown man. I’m here for money.”

He then threatened YoungBoy, Quando and DJ Akademiks. “Every nigga I catch like wack [100]”, he said. “Y’all can record this, I’ll have them roar on camera. On probation? I don’t give a fuck. I’m gonna have one of you all bang in front of the camera. To my dead grandma, nigga Damn, is wrong with you all n****s?”

In a series of videos posted in response, YoungBoy appeared to be laughing at the threats. “This nigga wanna kill me,” he said in one clip. “You don’t have to worry about trying to harm me, my son. And you won’t touch me. I got security man.”

Shmurda shared another word on the matter, noting that he received a call from his parole officer about his threats. “I don’t want any problems,” he said with a smile in the video. “I’m not hurting anyone! Like I play on the Instagrams.”

In the same clip, he referred to YoungBoy’s former label, Atlantic Records, and accused him of using “bots” to boost his streams.

“Atlantic Records, I know you all have NBA YoungBoy. Epic already on my ass, Roc Nation. Listen please. Atlantic Records, I don’t want any problems,” said the rapper, who is now independent after leaving Epic. “I don’t want any trouble about those labels, man. They have the marketing side where some people will try to lock you up where they don’t want me to fight back. Then they got the marketing with the bots. Atlantic has the best bots. Atlantic’s bots are crazy. The NBA bots are going crazy. 1,000 bots is about $2,000. They got packages.”

He also returned to YoungBoy’s “slave” comment and turned his attention back to the rapper. “I’m not a slave. The NBA is like one of the biggest slaves in the game,” he said. “He’s a slave to them, so they go crazy over him [the] Young. All the shit you see on YouTube is fake views.” He doubled down on the Payola allegations, accusing his label of paying every radio station $2,000 to get his songs circulated.

It all culminated when YoungBoy shared some DMs between himself and Shmurda, which he has since blocked. He calls

“Nah, you da Feds,” Shmurda said as he rebooked the exchange. “I’m sorry to all the gangsters for entertaining this. I did it badly. I apologize like a man please, I don’t want no beef with anyone.” Most of the posts have since been deleted, while YoungBoy appears to have deactivated his Instagram page.

This beef seems to have started after Rowdy questioned the motives of King Von’s alleged killer Lul Tim, who is an associate of YoungBoy and Quando Rondo, during a recent appearance on Math Hoffa My expert opinion. He wondered why the situation was taking its course and escalating to murder instead of a peaceful resolution. YoungBoy caught wind of the comments and has since called Rowdy “irrelevant.”

“‘Try to make full sense of what they say when you think what they’re saying sounds real but dumb but think about your business,” YoungBoy said in a post on his Instagram story. “And stop the violence – Quando big brother.”

Just a day later, Shmurda appeared to diss Quando Rondo after referring to Lul Tim 3860 shared mixtape with YoungBoy. “N***s jerk off every other shit. What do you do? What are you doing, homie?” Schmurda said. “Stop telling me about your brother’s shooters, and your brother’s and you always – what the hell are you doing? Huh?! When are you going to do something?”

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