I love these extreme makeovers of the Simpsons home

The Simpsons house is perhaps one of the most recognizable houses on television. The famous cartoon family that never grows older has lived in Springfield for a whopping three decades. Perhaps most incredible, despite minor color changes to the home, the family does not appear to have made any major structural changes during this period.

But how might 742 Evergreen Terrace look in a different style? Well, someone has tested this and presented the Simpson family home in various styles of British homes, from a Tudor mansion to a 1990s new build. Suffice it to say these are some extreme makeovers (if you want to make blueprints for your own house, check out our picks of the best laptops for architects).

The Simpsons house as it appears in the series (Image credit: Fox)

The Simpsons were meant to be a typical American family with a typical American home. How accurate the depiction is is debatable, but her Springfield home has become iconic and recognized around the world.

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