Hyper debuts HyperPack Pro Tech Backpack with Find My integration

Accessories brand Hyper today announced a new tech backpack with built-in support for Apple’s Find My tracking, helping users keep track of their belongings in case they get misplaced or stolen. The HyperPack Pro is a feature-rich backpack with a range of organizational features that leverages the know-how gained from Targus’ acquisition of Hyper last year to appeal to creative professionals and others who regularly travel with their devices.

Hyper was kind enough to send me an early production sample of the HyperPack Pro a few days before launch, giving me some time to test out its rich set of features that go well beyond the “Find My” integration. Rather than simply taking an existing Targus backpack and adding a “Find My” module to it, Hyper wanted to design a backpack from the ground up that will appeal to Apple users with functionality, protection, and design.

The HyperPack Pro features three main compartments: a laptop compartment that fits up to a 16″ notebook, a stowage compartment for other items, and a tech organizer with many small pockets to keep chargers, accessories, and other items organized and easily accessible . Additional compartments include a fabric-lined sunglass pocket and an easy-access front pocket on the outside of the pack, a hidden wooden pocket that hugs the body to provide added security for valuable items like passports and wallets, and an expandable water bottle pocket on one side and a unique MagSafe charger compatible pocket on the other side.

Hyperpack Pro features

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With all its various compartments and pockets, the HyperPack Pro is not only designed for organization and protection, but also supports charging your devices on the go. Hyper has incorporated a series of grommets and cable management loops into the backpack that make it easy to route cables from a battery pack stored in one compartment to your computer, phone, iPad or other devices stored separately in other compartments.

The ‌MagSafe‌ side pocket includes an internal mesh divider to securely position Apple’s ‌MagSafe‌ charger and a grommet so you can route the charger’s cable inside the backpack where it can be connected to a power bank. Once this is set up, you can simply slide your iPhone into the zip pocket where it will snap onto the ‌MagSafe‌ charger and you can charge your device anywhere. The easily accessible side position of the bag makes me a little nervous about potential theft, but if you’re careful to remain aware and in control of your belongings, it’s a handy loading solution.

Moving on to Find My functionality, the HyperPack Pro is one of only a few third-party accessories to date that supports integration with Apple’s item tracking system. A water-resistant IPX4 module on the top of the backpack provides the “Find My” functionality, with the prominent position providing optimal placement so you can hear the 90dB warning tones it can emit if you’ve misplaced your backpack and want to ping it from the Find My app on your Apple device.

hyperpack pro find my

As with AirTags and other Find My-enabled products, HyperPack Pro can notify you through the Find My app if it’s misplaced, forgotten, stolen and out of range, enabling the Find My network you to track its location. Similar to AirTags, the Find My module in the HyperPack Pro runs on a removable CR2032 battery, which Hyper claims should last around eight months.

Setting up Find My tracking is easy, requiring a few button presses on the module to put it in pairing mode, and then everything else through Apple’s Find My app. In the Items tab you can select the option to add a new item and it will go into a discovery mode where it will find and pair with the backpack and automatically recognize it as a backpack. The setup process suggests a name like “Eric’s Backpack” and suggests a backpack emoji as the icon to display for it in the Find My app, but both the name and emoji are customizable. At this point, the Find My module in HyperPack Pro will be associated with your Apple ID and will appear in the Find My app along with other items such as AirTags and your Apple devices.

The question that immediately came to mind when I found out about the HyperPack Pro was why would I want to use this solution instead of just throwing an AirTag into a backpack I already own. The latter is certainly a viable solution (and a cheaper one), but if you’re in the market for a new tech backpack, the HyperPack Pro offers a solid array of features, even beyond the “Find My” functionality. And in terms of security, a thief may be less likely to recognize the Find My module in the backpack than a tracker, compared to an AirTag, which is instantly recognizable once discovered and can be easily removed and disposed of. Since Hyper’s ‌Find My‌ module is built right into the case, it takes a fair amount of effort to remove it or its battery.

hyperpack pro laptop

The HyperPack Pro is made of 1260D Cordura, so it should stand up to everyday wear and tear quite well. Hyper offers a lifetime warranty on the case itself and a two-year warranty on the Find My module. The laptop bag is lined with faux fur to cushion your computer and protect it from scratches, while the bag is also hung to protect against bumps and knocks.

With padded shoulder straps and sternum straps to spread weight across your chest, the HyperPack Pro offers a comfortable fit even with lots of gear, and the padded shoulder straps and back panel promote airflow to keep you cool. There’s also a luggage pass-through at the back so you can slide the backpack over the handle of a carry-on to haul with your luggage or keep your belongings together while you’re waiting at an airport or elsewhere.

In addition to the “Find My” prop and hidden rear lumbar pocket, the HyperPack Pro has a few other security-focused features like an internal RFID-blocking pocket to prevent thieves from scanning your credit cards or other RFID-enabled passports. The laptop compartment also features interlocking zippers so you can thread one of the zipper pullers through the other to slow down thieves who might try to open the bag to get at your belongings.

hyperpack pro rfid

As with many of its products, Hyper is launching the HyperPack Pro via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Despite the sometimes uncertain nature of crowdfunding, Hyper has a long history of running its campaigns and the product is essentially ready to go. According to Hyper, the first bags are set to begin shipping from the factory next month, with delivery to the first backers in February.

Crowdfunding through Indiegogo also provides Hyper with an easy way to reward early backers with heavily discounted prizes. While the HyperPack Pro eventually retails for $200, a very limited Super Early Bird Special tier is available in the Indiegogo campaign for $100.

Increasing quantities are available at other tiers with lesser discounts priced at $120, $140, or $150 depending on how quickly you get your pledge. Several 2-packs and 3-packs are also available through the campaign, although they do not offer additional discounts on single baggage prices at the various tiers.

For now, Hyper is only shipping the HyperPack Pro to the continental United States, but is aiming to add international shipping as soon as possible.

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