How to Take Advantage of Cloud-Based Phone Systems

How to Take Advantage of Cloud-Based Phone Systems

How to Take Advantage of Cloud-Based Phone Systems

Blog Introduction: In the past, telephone systems used traditional land lines and required expensive hardware. Now, with the advent of cloud-based phone systems, businesses have access to a much more efficient and cost-effective way of making and receiving calls. This article will introduce what cloud calling is and how it works, compare the benefits of using a cloud-based phone system vs. a traditional landline phone system, discuss some of the top providers of cloud-based phone systems, share real-world examples of businesses that have made the switch to a cloud-based phone system, and offer tips for making the switch to a cloud-based phone system yourself.

What is Cloud Calling?

Cloud calling is a type of business telephone system that uses internet technology instead of traditional landlines. Calls are routed through an internet connection (VoIP) instead of through physical lines or circuits. This provides businesses with many advantages over traditional landline phones as well as significantly lower costs in most cases. Plus, since calls are transmitted over the internet connection rather than physical wires, businesses can use their existing hardware without needing additional equipment or wiring installation.


One major benefit to using a cloud-based phone system is scalability. If your business grows quickly or needs more capacity for callers at any given time, you can easily add more lines with just a few clicks rather than having to purchase and install additional equipment or wiring. Additionally, since these systems are hosted in the cloud instead of on premise at your business location, they provide greater flexibility when it comes to setting up new offices or expanding into new markets because you don’t need additional hardware—just an internet connection! Finally, these systems often include features such as voicemail transcription (which converts voicemails into text messages for easy reading), call forwarding (which allows customers to be connected directly with the right person in your organization), and virtual receptionist services (which provide automated responses and routing).

Top Providers

There are several providers offering high quality cloud-based phone systems that can provide your business with all the features you need while still keeping costs low. For example RingCentral offers affordable plans that include unlimited calling within US & Canada as well as international calling starting at only $19 per month per line; Vonage offers an enterprise solution for larger companies with plans starting at $35 per month; 8×8 provides advanced call center capabilities for businesses looking for more robust solutions; and Talkroute offers small business plans starting at just $9 per month per line with caller ID included.  These providers all offer different features so it’s important to do your research before selecting one so you get exactly what you need from your provider – there really is something out there for everyone!

Real World Examples

UPS recently switched from its existing landline telephone system to RingCentral’s UCaaS platform which allowed them to take advantage of features such as HD voice quality on calls, video conferencing capabilities across multiple devices, mobile apps that allow employees to make/receive calls from anywhere in the world even if their device isn’t on wi-fi or connected via carrier networks — plus many other valuable features designed specifically for enterprise level organizations like UPS! Another great example is Whole Foods Market – this chain switched from its legacy PBX infrastructure to 8×8’s Virtual Office Pro platform which allowed them to reduce costs by eliminating maintenance fees associated with their previous setup while still providing employees with access to advanced call center capabilities such as IVR menus and automated call routing across numerous locations globally! And lastly we have The North Face who opted for Vonage Business’s unified communications solution which enabled employees across multiple departments including customer service reps & IT staff alike access powerful features such as voicemail transcription & analytics tools while also enjoying audio & video conferencing capabilities all under one roof!


Cloud calling has revolutionized how businesses communicate by offering an incredibly cost-effective alternative that also provides powerful features such as voicemail transcription & analytics tools while also providing audio & video conferencing capabilities all under one roof! With so many benefits it’s no wonder why many companies are making the switch – but if you’re considering doing so too then make sure you do ample research first in order understand what type of setup would work best for your specific needs before taking any steps towards implementation! Good luck!

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