How big can animals get?

A picture of Argentinosauruspossibly the most massive dinosaur that has ever existed. (Image credit: Warpaintcobra via Getty Images)

The largest animal that ever walked the earth was probably the dinosaur Argentinosaurus, a massive 77-tonne (70 long tons) titanosaur that lived about 90 million years ago during the Late Cretaceous Period. For comparison: The heaviest animal on land today is the African elephant (Loxodonta) that weighs less than 7 tons (6 tons). And both look positively petite next to it blue whale (Balaenoptera Musculus), which, averaging 165 short tons (150 long tons), is possibly the heaviest animal that has ever lived.

But could an animal ever top that? Is there a limit to how big an animal can get?

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