Here’s when it comes back online

Fourteen days went offline after an epic – albeit a bit too long – live event that saw the Chapter 3 map destroyed and the new Chapter 4 map stitched together, courtesy of Paradigm.

The event itself was pretty cool. You’re basically in space, with several small floating islands floating around zero point – that giant glowing sphere in the image above.

Your goal here was to collect energy orbs to channel energy into the zero point so Paradigm can use them to power their map construction. To do this you had to find balls on the map and complete mini-games and challenges such as:

  • Matching props around the floating islands, such as flamingos.
  • Watch flashbacks to previous live events like the rocket and mech vs. monster combat.
  • Performing NPC quests like building a snowman, throwing a chicken into the zero point, and so on.

As the paradigm spanned more and more islands, new areas became available to explore, along with more locations to find orbs.

I think I got 44 points at the end of the event. I recorded the whole thing but the video footage is corrupted or I would share it with you here. I’m really quite frustrated about this!

As the final movie played, we saw a few familiar faces – the same skins I wrote about before the event: Geralt of Rivia, Mr. Beast, The Hulk, DOOM Guy, and what appears to be the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and characters toy story

The new map looks pretty cute! I’m looking forward to diving back in as I really haven’t played much lately and haven’t played Chapter 3 very much in the past year. Maybe that can breathe new life into the game.

While the prop hunting and such was fun, it might have been more fun if we also got a massive co-op fight against The Herald first instead of just a movie. Oh well! I still had fun.

The event ended with the following film:

When is Fortnite coming back online?

We don’t have an exact time at the moment, but according to the in-game Xbox message, Chapter 4 begins on December 4th. That means the earliest servers could come back online is midnight ET / 9pm PT. I think it’s more likely that the servers will go live in the middle of the night, around 3am ET / midnight PT. In other words, the servers will be live when you wake up tomorrow morning and download the new update.

Epic Games rarely give the exact time when servers will come back online, and in the past they have kept players waiting days between the seasons. That doesn’t seem to be the case here. When we get more solid times I’ll update this post. If for some reason the game doesn’t come back online tomorrow I’ll update this post. For now, your best bet is to stay up late or – if you’re smart – get a good night’s sleep and get in early tomorrow.

At the moment I can’t even log into Fortnite and seems to be logged out of my Epic Game Store on my PC even though I’m just playing the game! I’m getting login errors which I assume are related to the game update. Very strange. Whatever the case, there’s more to come. . . .

Stay tuned!

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