Grappling Report: Danielle Kelly wins a big win over the world sambo champion

Danielle Kelly booked a huge match on ONE on Amazon Video 4 when she was due to face Sambo star Mariia Molchanova. Kelly used the same technique to face a more experienced standing grappler Rodrigo Marello had taken in front of her, and she pulled cover almost immediately. Molchanova isn’t sluggish on the ground, of course, and she managed to keep Kelly at bay for a few minutes.

In the end, however, Kelly took Molchanova’s back and worked to sink into the rear naked choke as quickly as possible. Overall, it took Kelly less than three minutes to finish off her opponent and with this win she added a new chapter to the whole BJJ vs. Sambo rivalry that ONE Championship nurtures. Additionally, Kelly has put herself in a great position as the promotion puts together her first women’s atomicweight title fight.

All results of the event can be found here.

Kayla Harrison suffers her first professional MMA loss

Two-time Olympic gold medalist judoka Kayla Harrison has dominated the women’s lightweight division in MMA for nearly five straight years, going 15-0. Along the way, she won two PFL championships in the division and was primed for her third when she did made it to the final at PFL 10 against Larissa Pacheco. The pair had actually fought twice before, with Harrison winning unanimous decisions both times.

As the event spiraled into the main event match between the two, all indications were that Harrison was building on her incredible streak. However, Pacheco proved to be much more than just a tough opponent as she got one back and this time won the decision. She handed Harrison the first loss of her professional MMA career, and while the pair are 2-1 tied, this likely won’t be the last time they meet.

All results of the event can be found here.

Dillon Danis made his boxing debut against YouTuber KSI

Dillon Danis has said goodbye to his life as a professional grappler to pursue a career in MMA instead, and now he’s decided to move even further. In 2014, Danis was one of the top contenders for the brown belt in BJJ and after two unsuccessful attempts at ADCC fame he left the sport. He was snapped by Bellator in 2017 and made his debut the next year when he won two MMA fights for promotion.

Just days ago, Danis appeared to jump into celebrity boxing action when he showed up at the weigh-in at the Greg Hardy vs. Hasim Rahman Jr. event and got into a brawl with YouTubers KSI and Anthony Taylor. Now it has indeed been confirmed that the next MF x DAZN boxing event will be officiated by Danis, who is making his professional boxing debut against the aforementioned KSI.

Gordon Ryan suggests three options for a WNO headline match

Gordon Ryan is already booked for a high-profile grappling match against Felipe Pena in February, but he also wants to keep himself busy before that. There will be another Who’s Number One event the month before and Ryan is looking to lead that against one of three main opponents. Ryan suggested Victor Hugo, Patrick Gaudio or Gutemberg Pereira as potential matchups in a recent Instagram post.

Of those three, only Pereira would pose an entirely new challenge for Ryan. He battled Gaudio back in 2018 at IBJJF No-Gi Worlds and won a close contest with advantages, defeating Hugo by a substantial points margin at ADCC 2022. Given that he was vocally disappointed at not submitting Hugo at the event, it seems he is keen to improve on his past performances against them.

Chest to back control details

Half watch to the crab ride, to take back

Three-quarter mount for mounting or rear

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