Google is bringing new features to Android and Wear OS devices

Google has announced that it will introduce several new features Android and carry operating systemand this stack for all users will arrive December.

Google will start rolling out these features next week. While the company is bringing these features by keeping user demands in mind, let’s discuss all the details about them below.

Android & Wear OS users get new features this holiday season Month

Google brings new features to Android & Wear OS

According to Google’s report, owners of Android phones and Wear OS smartwatches will get a bunch of new features to celebrate this holiday season.

Reading mode for android users

Android users will get a new one reading mode that will deliver some Accessibility features to help users with problems such as B. To provide a more useful experience bad sight or colorblind.

And these accessibility features allow you to adjust contrast and change text size and fonts on all websites and all apps. Likewise, text to speech are there with speed control.

Divisible Digital Car Key

Shareable digital car key

This feature allows users to share theirs car digital key with someone via a digital wallet app. If this feature is available, you can find it in your digital wallet appwhere you can also see all accesses and block any access.

But initially, you can only share this digital car key with users who own a Pixel or a capable iPhone, but soon it will be available for more select phones with such a device Android 12 or later.

More stickers

As Google claims Emoji based stickers in Gboard so you don’t need to download a special emoji sticker app. Now there will be more emojis you can get different styled stickers only with Gboard.

YouTube home widget

YouTube home widget

There will be a new widget for YouTube bearing the name Search widget on YouTube home screen. This widget gives you easy access to your YouTube app with a single tap.

And as you can see in the image above, there are four options: You can keep searching YouTube’s search enginego straight to Home screen feed, Subscription Feedand feeding shorts.

New photo themes in Google Photos

New photo themes in Google Photos

Google Photos will introduce some new photo theme options such as: B. There are some new layouts in which Google photos collage editorand you can also customize them to your liking.

You can see the image above which explains the options more clearly, such as B. the ability to rearrange the layout by simply dragging and dropping.

Simple Cast on Google TV

Simple Cast on Google TV

Google still allows you to stream to your Google TV, but it’s about to get easier. Starting next week, Google will offer you a new option in the Google TV app to cast directly from your compatible phone to your Google TV single tap.

And at the same time, you can do other things on your phone too, so you don’t have to stay on the game screen. Plus, you can still use your phone as a remote control while you throw.

Wear OS features

Wear OS New Tiles

Google is bringing three new tiles to all smartwatches running on Wear OS, as tiles aim to give you instant access to some key features.

The first tile is Preferred contacts which shows you the most used and favorite contacts as the first priority. The second tile is Sunrise sunsetwhich shows you the left time of sunrise and sunset with animation.

And the last is cards That was already there but has now been improved as it now shows you your home and work locations for instant navigation and tracking time.

Also, there is another upgrade, which is this notes app by Wear OS. That will now show labels and wallpapers so you can easily see what you are looking for.

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