Fans love Sylvester Stallone in Tulsa King.

There’s no problem Stallone can’t solve with punches.

Three episodes in and Tulsa King has already proved remarkably popular with viewers. It is So popular that it beat HBO house of the dragon as Cable’s highest-rated series debut that year and was renewed for a second season.


No wonder it hit house of the dragon for the biggest debut of the year.

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Andor struggles to keep up.

TULSA KING Episode One: Aged ex-con Stallone leans on Martin Starr, who owns a pharmacy in Tulsa. And I thought ANDOR was the best show on TV.

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How to say you’re a jailbird without saying you’re a jailbird.

The man is so used to mug shots he forgot he was applying for a driver’s license 😂#TulsaKing

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Both shows are by Taylor Sheridan.

Since you’re already paying for Paramount+ to see Yellowstone, check out Tulsa King. Written by the same guy Taylor Sheridan, 2 episodes so far and I’m hooked

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Stallone is great as an old gangster.

Please allow me a quick endorsement: @TulsaKing on @paramountco plus is exceptional. Great writing and acting. @TheSlyStallone seems born to play that role almost as much as Rocky. he is so good

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A new drinking game has started.

I think I’ll check out Tulsa King as a drinking game. Every time I recognize a building or realize that the scene was filmed somewhere else in Tulsa, I drink.

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I can’t wait for the fourth.

Saw the premiere of #tulsaking tonight. Late as always, but definitely worth seeing. The second episode is good, I can’t wait for the third.

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Skeptics have trouble not liking the show.

#TulsaKing I really didn’t want to watch a Sylvester Stallone series, but I really wanted to see an Andrea Savage series, so here we are. I really want it. It’s a good cast, a different gangster take and… Andrea Savage.

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One viewer described it as similar to both The sopranos and Breaking Bad.

The best new show I’ve seen in a long time. Tulsa King Stars @TheSlyStallone It’s a cross between The Sopranos and Breaking Bad. Definitely worth a watch. 👍👍

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Spectacular work by Stallone at this advanced age.

I am so blown away by @TheSlyStallone’s performance in @TulsaKing. At 76, he could enjoy retirement with all that he has achieved. He’s literally doing something unprecedented. My new favorite thriller!!

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Have you already seen the show? If so, let us know what you think in the comments.

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