Core77 Weekly Recap (27/2/23 to 3/3/23)

This seemingly simple but highly efficient bowl barbecue grill is German design and engineering at its finest.

A company called Zellerfeld offers machine washable 3D printed sneakers in a variety of designs. Scan your feet with an app and the shoes will be printed with a precise fit.

ArtBin’s parent company, Flambeau, is celebrating its 75th anniversary. We wondered which of their objects design students still use in this digital age, and looked at a legacy ArtBin object that every ID student once carried.

China-based Hangzhou Yunqiu Industrial Design Co. designed this foldable bathtub, allowing even those living in small apartments to take a relaxing bath.

Online retailer Temu is reportedly selling tons of these wild, possibly fake, sneaker designs for $9 to $36 a pair.

How Wyrmwood’s amazing modular gaming table is made: Thoughtful design for production, incredible automated woodworking machinery and every step of the process from wood sorting to final packaging, all carefully thought out.

Formlabs is offering free samples of Gray Resin for SLA 3D printers. It’s a catch-all material with good detail and a finish straight from the printer.

This incredible Car Bubble protects your vehicle while still letting you see it. It’s a transparent, protective, inflated bladder powered by a fan and powerful enough to repel objects.

One hook that rules them all? Designed by Milan-based industrial designer Giulio Iacchetti, these magnetic, modular Angie hangers use a single shape that can support shirts, trousers and skirts. They are designed for retail, hospitality or home use.

From Taiwan-based bike tool maker 711L, this compact lollipop ratcheting screwdriver features a pop-out feature that provides more leverage.


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