Cody Rigs from Taylor Swift Hating Drama

Hello, welcome to the year 2022, where it’s not socially acceptable or cool or okay to hate successful women.

Especially when the successful woman is 11-time Grammy winner and talented superstar phenom Taylor Swift.

Well if you’ve seen Dancing with the stars or peloton, you may have bumped into their 35-year-old instructor, Cody Rigsby.

He’s a fan favorite and I feel like we could hit it off, but his obsession with hating Taylor Swift is really weird and not cool.

For example, people have pointed out that he often shadows Taylor during his drives. Sir, this is a training course.

I like Cody Rigsby but sadly he has to stop hating Taylor Swift for no reason. saying once or twice that you don’t like someone/their music, ok, but literally every time this woman’s name comes up do you feel the need to shout out loud to everyone that you hate her? &Amp; why???

Twitter: @icedmaddietea

He literally said Taylor couldn’t sing and didn’t deserve to win album of the year — which just isn’t true:

He said he’d rather “sit naked on a hot grill” than listen to Taylor’s critically acclaimed album midnight:

He said he hates talking on the phone – and that he would “rather go to a Taylor Swift concert” than do this:

He said if Taylor “made a gig” in his kitchen, he “wouldn’t go”:

Alexa, please play “Obsessed” by multiple Grammy winner and legend Mariah Carey:

Luckily, Taylor is fully booked and busy selling out stadiums left and right:

And break numerous historical records:

Taylor Swift broke records from the likes of Drake, Michael Jackson and the Beatles, according to Billboard reports.

Republic / @PopBase

Aaaaaand win prize after prize:

Aaaaand just thrives overall.

Finally, Cody, please get tested for COVID because you’ve clearly lost your sense of taste. And stream midnight. Goodbye!

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