Cardi B calls out Nicole Arbor after criticizing Offset’s music

Cardi B has fallen out with Canadian comedian and YouTuber Nicole Arbor after she shared an insensitive tweet about Offset.

Arbor seemed to have issues with Offset releasing music with violent lyrics. “Man… few weeks after his cousin was murdered over a dice game… Offset is making new music about shooting people and shooting places,” she wrote, referring to the recent murder of Migos rapper Takeoff. “Nothing was learned.”

In a since-deleted tweet, per HotNewHipHop, Cardi questioned Arbour’s motives by noting that Offset hasn’t recorded any new music since Takeoff’s death. arbor countered with a video by Offset as the Joker for Halloween, which was posted before Takeoff died on November 1st. Cardi continued to tweet at Arbor but deleted most of her comments, prompting the comedian to question if she plans to “send some guys to beat me up at a strip club now because you’re uncomfortable with the truth?”

“The fact that you’re trying to use the death of someone I love to gain influence is insane,” Cardi replied. “I’m not going to do any of that… I’m just going to pray for you.”

Arbour, who is and has been an anti-vaccination publicly funded Kyrie Irving’s recent anti-Semitic comments later shared a Hollywood Unlocked post in which Cardi discussed the situation, highlighting an alleged Facebook post by Arbor telling people to get out amid the Black Lives Matter protests in the Year 2020 “arm and shoot”. “The marauders travel in packs and WILL beat and kill you without remorse,” she reportedly wrote. “This post is about protesters. It’s about the riots. God have mercy on America.”

Cardi also included an alleged tweet with the post, in which Arbor wrote, “They are lynching white people.” She has denied the comments are genuine and accused the rapper of “wanting to defend promoting the killing of black men as okay.” . Though Arbor denounced the post, she made headlines back in 2018 after saying she was “so fed up” with people who were “crazy about slavery.” This was also around the same time that she released a “female edit” of Childish Gambino’s This Is America, which was criticized for racism.

This all comes as Cardi has revealed how difficult Takeoff’s death was for Offset. “We live our lives normally, but deep in our hearts it’s been so hard,” she said in an audio post on Twitter. “I’ve felt so hopeless trying to make my husband happy, trying to make him smile.”

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