Calvin Harris Responds to Rita Ora Album Rumor

If you’re inexplicably in the mood for some 2010s niche British celebrity drama, then buckle up, baby — because Calvin Harris has just busted the ‘myth’ that he was the reason Rita Ora’s sophomore album was scrapped became.

To understand this whole mystery, we must first go back to the past era of 2014. Rita and Calvin, who started dating in May 2013, had a hit together with “I Will Never Let You Down.” Unfortunately, a few months later, Calvin tweeted that they had broken up.

Rumors quickly surfaced that Calvin had pulled a number of songs from Rita’s second album after the split. Things then took a messy turn when Rita confirmed that Calvin stopped her from performing “I Will Never Let You Down” – which he wrote and produced – at the Teen Choice Awards (“All I know is that I have a damn good reason,” Calvin tweeted in response at the time).

The following year, Rita told outlets that her second album was delayed after “a breakup” prompted her to pursue a “darker” sound. A few months later, she was suing Jay-Z’s Roc Nation — aka the label she originally had a record deal with — for a release from her contract after accusing the label of “neglect.”

Well, Rita was asked in a recent interview with Louis Theroux why she isn’t releasing more music under Roc Nation. “I dont know. I recorded straight for two or three years. There was a whole moment that was supposed to happen, I recorded a music video and they scrapped it. I was really disappointed like I let her down,” she replied.

CALVIN enters. A Twitter user responded to the interview by claiming that a Calvin-produced second album had been “torpedoed” – and that Rita would have been a much bigger star had it not been for such an event.

A reminder that if Rita’s Calvin Harris-produced second album (I Will Never Let You Down was the first of MANY tracks) hadn’t been torpedoed, she probably would have been one of the biggest pop stars on earth for two years, I never have got over it

Twitter: @georgegriffiths

However, Calvin himself responded to the claim by saying, “The whole thing is a myth, there’s an unreleased song I’ve been working on and it’s not good.”

@georgegriffiths The whole thing is a myth, there’s an unreleased song I’ve been working on and it’s not good

Twitter: @CalvinHarris

So what did we learn today? Calvin Harris allowed to search his own name on Twitter? There are whole conspiracies around Rita Ora? I basically can’t remember anything in pop culture from 2014 without Google? Who knows.

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