Building a sausage platter for your next house party? This all-in-one cheese knife is the perfect tool.

As an EDC and knife enthusiast, I have to say I haven’t really given cheese knives any time in the sun. To be honest, I’ve used my regular kitchen knife to cut cheese, dice vegetables, apply peanut butter, and pretty much anything a knife needs to do, and I’ve been made to understand that this is a mortal sin, isn’t it incomparable with fine wine from a plastic cup. To remedy this (and because I’m a cheese enthusiast who dislikes struggling with cheese that’s too hard, crumbly, or gooey), I decided to search for the perfect sausage knife, only to find it there are separate knives for hard cheese, creamy cheese, crumbly cheese, and other cured meats like meat, bread, grapes, olives, etc. That is, until I stumbled upon the Revel, an all-time capable cheese knife designed by 36-year-old veteran French restaurateur Jérémy Laubriat. The Revel doesn’t look like every knife you might have in your kitchen – mostly because it’s designed to handle literally every element of a charcuterie board, from cheese to tough meats, sourdough bread and even the occasional sour fruit, to cut the cheesy riches.

Designer: Jeremy Laubriat

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The Revel knife mainly serves four broad purposes with its four different blade styles. A smooth edge with a curved profile works well for slicing soft cheeses like Brie and Camembert, while at the end of the smooth edge is a wider ax-style blade designed for slicing hard cheeses. Rotate the blade 360° and you have a serrated edge that works beautifully with fragile cheeses like fresh mozzarella or feta, or even for slicing bread. To pick up cheese as well as pieces of bread, meat or fruits such as olives, the knife has a forked tip that is excellent for piercing and lifting objects.

Cutouts in the blade work in a clever way, not only making it lighter (and allowing you better maneuverability with your wrist), but also preventing the cheese from sticking to the knife as you cut through. In this way, the Revel honors and respects cheese and meat, giving them the right treatment in a way that would truly appease the perfectionist foodies of France and Italy.

Designing the knife was a years-long iterative process for Jérémy, during which he visited Thiers, the capital of French cutlery, to help create prototypes. Crafted by incredibly skilled craftsmen responsible for creating some of the finest cutlery on the planet, the knife is forged from steel and treated for durability. Each blade has a full tang that extends to the end of the handle and is sandwiched between two pieces of olive wood, which not only give the Revel knife its signature appeal, but also pay homage to the major role that olives and olive oil played in Europe play gastronomic process. If you really want to up your cream cheese game, the Revel knife is also available with buffalo horn handles as well as pressed amber handles.

Click Here to Buy Now: $150 $170 ($20 discount). Hurry, only 31/50 left!

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