Apple’s alleged new color of the iPhone 15 Pro is driving fans crazy

It has become a tradition for Apple to release a brand new and exclusive color with each of its “Pro” iPhone versions. From the 13 Pro’s Sierra Blue to the 14 Pro’s Deep Purple, these are colors that don’t tend to make the next-gen leap, unlike your silver and gold. And fans are going wild for this year’s rumored new shade.

Apple is reportedly planning a red iPhone 15 Pro. Not like the bright product red we’re used to, but a deeper, darker red. A redder red, one might say. And judging by the reaction on Twitter, that’s what people want. (Don’t feel like waiting? Check out the best iPhone 14 deals available right now.)

Is this what a red iPhone 15 Pro looks like? (Image credit: Future)

Apple Hub recreated an image of what a burgundy iPhone might look like, and Twitter users are loving it. The comments accompanying the images (which have been viewed over 6 million times) include several variations on the theme “shut up and take my money”. “This is a beautiful color,” one user commented, while another added, “I would buy this in a heartbeat.”

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But while the color certainly looks cool, there’s one group who won’t be satisfied – those clamoring for a pink iPhone. Some fans have been waiting for a truly pink iPhone for ages, and while they’re excited about the new iPad, the same hue has yet to come to the iPhone. We have a feeling Dark Red won’t cut it.

iPhone 13 pink concept

Many fans are still waiting for a pink iPhone (Image credit: PengPhones)

However, judging by the response, Apple could be planning an extremely popular new color for 2023. But be warned, if the many iPhone 15 rumors we’ve heard so far turn out to be true, that camera cutout could be pretty unaesthetic – dark red or not.

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