Apple’s 2022 App Store Awards Focus on “Cultural Impact”

BeReal, the new social media app that has skyrocketed in popularity in recent months, is one of the biggest winners of this year’s Apple App Store Awards. It was named iPhone App of the Year for giving people an authentic look into the daily lives of their friends and family, the tech giant said in its announcement. Overall, Apple highlighted 16 apps and games for 2022 that offer “extraordinary experiences and… [made] a profound cultural impact.”

In the case of BeReal, the fact that other social media apps have rolled out or are testing similar features is clear evidence of the “impact” they’ve had in the space. BeReal users can share a selfie of themselves with a photo of their surroundings during a two-minute window that the app randomly chooses for them each day. A reverse engineer found an experimental feature basically identical to Instagram’s in August, while TikTok unveiled its own version of the format in September.

Another big winner is GoodNotes 5, which was named iPad App of the Year for taking digital note-taking “to the next level with best-in-class Apple Pencil support.” With the app, users can treat their iPad like any book or notebook, since they can jot notes in the margins and highlight important texts, among other things.

MacFamilyTree 10 was named Mac App of the Year for its ability to create practically stunning family trees and allow users to collaborate with relatives around the world, while ViX, TelevisaUnivision’s Spanish-language streaming service, was named Apple TV was named App of the Year. Another winner is fitness tracker Gentler Streak, which took home the Apple Watch App of the Year award.

for games, Apex Legends Mobile defeated all other titles for iPhone while puzzle game Monday and card fighters encryption won the best games for the iPad and the Mac. The wild west stealth game El Hijo won Best Game for Apple TV because it looked exceptional on a big screen. Wylde flowers, a life simulation that combines farming and magic, was named Best Apple Arcade Game. Finally esports simulator League of Legends Esports Manager won first prize for Chinese Game of the Year.

In addition to the grand prize winners, Apple also highlighted five apps that are impacting people’s lives and influencing culture. These apps include how we feelthat encourages users to record their emotional well-being to help them pronounce it better, and Dot’s homea time-travelling story that puts the spotlight on systemic housing injustices. Medallion widget can help create connections between people by allowing users to send Live Photos to their friends and family’s home screen water llama it’s fun to stay hydrated. There are also Inua – A Tale in Ice and Timethat takes users on an adventure rich in Inuit folklore and traditions.

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