Amazon halts construction of Virginia headquarters, AOC says “we were right” to criticize construction in New York

The company has indefinitely postponed the completion of Amazon’s “second headquarters” in Virginia.

According to a new report by Bloomberg(Opens in a new tab), Amazon’s decision comes after the company’s biggest round of layoffs to date, which has seen more than 18,000 people lose their jobs. The report also mentions that the shift to remote working in recent years has prompted the company to re-evaluate its office-related needs as well.


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In 2018, cities across the United States went all out to bring out the best in themselves chosen as the location for Amazon’s “second headquarters”. The company put together a year-long competition to decide where to build the facility. Critics called the move a marketing ploy to get the best financial incentives from possible locations.

Eventually, Amazon chose New York City, but quickly encountered staunch opposition.

In exchange for choosing Queens, New York, for its second headquarters, Amazon was set to receive $3 billion in tax incentives. The facility, dubbed HQ2, faced backlash from AOC and local politicians over the deal being canceled to bring the e-commerce giant into the state.

Before construction began, Amazon decided to move to Arlington, Virginia instead. Progressive politicians like AOC were strong criticized(Opens in a new tab) at the time by proponents of the project like the now-disgraced then-Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, who claimed Amazon would bring jobs to the state.

AOC and other critics of the deal to bring Amazon to New York have already been confirmed. Shortly after pulling out of bringing HQ2 to New York, Amazon leased Office space in Manhattan for 1,500 employees. And without any special tax incentives.

As the new Bloomberg According to the report, construction of the first portion of HQ2’s Virginia facility will be completed in time to bring approximately 8,000 employees to the office by June. However, the suspension of the completion of the plant will create problems for local developers, construction company employees and service workers.

“When I was opposed to this Amazon project coming to New York [because] It was a public money scam, the whole power establishment was after us.” tweeted(Opens in a new tab) New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Friday after Amazon announced it was suspending construction of its second headquarters in Virginia. “Billboards were put up in Times Square denouncing me. Powerful politicians promised revenge. Op Eds(Opens in a new tab) & CEOs(Opens in a new tab) offended my intelligence.”

your poster claim(Opens in a new tab) certainly stands up to fact checking, as does her commentary(Opens in a new tab) and CEO comments. Alfredo Ortiz, CEO of the Job Creators Network, has ranted(Opens in a new tab) AOC and other socialists at the time for “lack of education”. It’s not immediately clear who might have “promised revenge” to her.

Nevertheless, according to her tweet: “In the end we were right.”

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